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You think you’re reading wrong, right? This is no lie. Barely a fortnight ago unannounced to us all the domain went up for sale in calls it’s gold and glory amongst millions of other domain names currently being offered at unbelievably low prices.

In a mere spin of what would appear to be unbelievable luck one optimistic 29yo MBA Student of Babson College, Massachusetts stumbled across the domain name sale of the globally renown Realising what was before him, he seized the opportunity immediately making the purchase of the considered untouchable gold mine.

Despite his optimism, he admits to being quite weary during the process commenting on his surprise as the transaction was processed via his credit card without a glitch. After receiving confirmation emails of both the credit card payment and certification of domain ownership he stood in the realisation he was now in fact the proud owner of the infamous domain name

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For a meezly $12 had been sold. Interestingly enough other domain combinations such as and were notably unavailable as expected. Sanmay Ved literally fell upon this by a simple domain search with no intent of purchase. Ved casually searched on and was meet with the temptation of purchasing his favourite development company and so was understandably overly lured by the temptation to purchase.

A hackers dream Ved commented on his ability to make small standardised changes as domain providers permit. It says something for his quick thinking finding time to confirm all of this as from the time of purchase it was a 60 silence before all transactions were reversing right before his very eyes. With transactions now stated not made Ved confirmed his accounts did, in fact, have the returned initial balance. Knowing that the transaction had most definitely occurred, he figured that it was too good to be true and counted his losses.

In a Linkedin post he wrote:

“I was really shocked. I thought, ‘Did I really just do what I think I did? Quite clearly, ownership had been granted to me. Order was successful.”

An honourable American student he swiftly reported the security issue to not expecting to be rewarded as he was. having the great community spirit they do announced via the Huffington post that an undisclosed sum of money would be granted to the 60-second owner of for his genuine and honest nature. Upon advising that he wishes the money to be donated to free schooling in Africa were quick to jump on board and double the previously offered sum.


Possibly the luckiest man on earth for a full 60 seconds I think Sanmay Ved has only strengthened his passion with and their developments.

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