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The Best Ways to Get Unblocked Games at School

It’s one of those days at school. You either have nothing to do because of the holiday coming up, or you have a substitute who has no clue how to teach. You’re stuck in a classroom with nothing but the walls and the clock to stare at. You think,”I could play a game”. Your school as Wi-Fi, but it’s blocked from student access so playing a game is not much of an option. Or is it? You notice someone sitting a few seats away moving frantically on the computer; looks like they’re playing a game. Chances are they know how to get unblocked games at school, and so do we. Here, we will show you a few ways to get unblocked games at school.

The How and Why

Many institutions believe that limiting internet access to students prevents a loss of productivity and protects students from harmful sites. Network administrators at schools understand that student privacy is a top priority, and they manage the schools network servers to block certain content from student access. But how do the schools manage to prevent websites from student access? Typically they use firewalls. What it all really boils down to is bypassing the firewalls to allow your IP address to access blocked content by using either a VPN, Proxy or a few clever tricks.


Virtual Private Networks or VPN, have been around for years. There are several to choose from, but the most effective ones to use to unblock games are gaming VPNs. Gaming VPNs are VPN service providers that cater to gaming sites and consoles. Many smart phones have a Xbox app so you can play your games on the go, and this is where the gaming VPN comes in. There is a fee for the service, and many offer free trial periods.

One of our favorites VPN sites are HideMyAss Pro. A great feature of gaming VPN services is the broadband speed is fast which translates into an excellent gaming experience without lag or getting kick off in the middle of an intense mission. A VPN is highly recommended in case your school uses multiple firewalls.


Using a Proxy site is a good way to unblock games at school, too. If your school is using only one firewall, then the proxy server is your ticket in. Simply go to the proxy site of your choice, type in the URL of the game site you wish to access and click go. By hiding your IP address behind one of their own, you will gain access to the blocked site. Below is a list of some of the best proxy site for this:

  1. HideMyAss

Simple Tricks to Try

Before you embark on a long-term commitment to a VPN or accessing a proxy website, you might want to try a couple of methods that may work.

  1. Use the IP address instead of the URL. You can ping the website from the command prompt to get the IP address. Enter that into the address bar, and you’re off.
  2. Change the http://www… to https://www…
  3. Use Google cache. Google stores older versions of websites in their cache for those times when the site cannot be accessed. Just search the site in Google and click on the little arrow next to the search result. This brings down a menu that allows you to look at older versions of the websites that may not have been blocked.

In Conclusion…

When it comes to unblocked games, there are a few options that will gain your access to your favorite sites and gaming apps while sitting in class. Despite the blocks imposed at schools, people should be allowed to access the internet with freedom and responsibility. When you have nothing else to do at school, and studying is not an option, use these tips and tricks to access unblocked games at school.

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