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Android Attacks to Build Fear Amongst Users

Androids are under attack again with the latest fear installing Porn Droids to enter the app market. Following a fairly persistent presence throughout its existence these Porn Droids are more powerful and better designed than previously known. Purposefully crafted to scare the living bleepers out of Android users it seems to be receiving a strong reaction by those affected.

orn Droids have seemingly settled in as an accepted annoyance over the past decade with thanks being owed to the constant push of Porn Droid’s from their hacking creator’s. This time round attention has stirred up again and is duly noted by many industries leaders. First noticed last year, Porn Droid upgraded their applications and have aimed for a more professional look using formatting, and gosh did they hit their mark. It is easy to see why Android users are having a more severely frightened response to these attacks.

This time hackers have really exceeded themselves utilizing Google’s custom design language and material design features to bring to the user a frighteningly real ransom demand and device override. Partially made possible by the appearance of a message detailing threats with the direct intention of exposing the user to a ransom. Accompanied with the assumption the user may retrieve their data, regain use of their device and protect their identity from legal charges, exposure and arrest all if compliant.


Deceptively advertising itself as a porn viewer, this sneaky but overly daunting app has innocent thrill seekers only too keen during the installation process of this supposal app of convenience. Very meticulously it delves into the depths of the device and after a thorough search of the contents collects relevant information about the device usage, browser history and personal contacts forming a nasty looking table of data and locking it on the screen. This threatening ransom request lists particular items that are undoubtedly recognized as the user’s private data.

History of the user’s past activity, messages, and other generally private information is quickly collated and listed along with legal threats and claims of restrictions. Clearly showing you the line of information being sought, it further continues to claim this forms a mere part of the information already sent and externally downloaded.

Proceeding then to state that the device has been locked, timed pictures of you have been taken, downloaded and sent directly through to appropriate FBI divisions attached to your prohibited viewer activity. Confident the device has been searched and seized so to speak, Android users are often reduced to raw panic.

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