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We Value Your Privacy

We here at value your privacy.  We offer you the best VPN provider information on the web for your online security. Our privacy policy, its clauses, and sub-clauses apply only to No VPN providers listed either on our website or any of the sites pages are influenced by our policy.

Our Opinions

Unless we specify, the content on this website is our express opinion. No opinions or reviews are utilized from any third-party. We conduct our own research and develop our own reviews of service providers and their products after an exhaustive research process. This is a product and service review website and in no way intends to promote any one specific provider or service.

 Data Collection & Usage

Online security is on the minds of every person who logs onto the internet. Every time you input your username and password you are giving your data to every website you visit. Cookies and IP addresses stored on your computer are transmitted and collected every time you log onto the web. utilizes this data collection to help enhance your internet session so you have a more pleasing experience on our website.

We will not ask you to provide us with your personal information. The only information we collect are the cookies and IP address needed to log onto the internet and access our site. The only way we collect any other data from you is if you willingly offer it. We invite you to leave us comments about the services and providers we feature and about how we are doing; only in this way will you offer us any information. We will not sell any of your information to any third-party site either.

Subscribing to our newsletter and offers allows us to collect your user name and email. We will not sell your email to any third- party sites. We use your email for the sole purpose of sending you our newsletter and any offers tailored to you.

When leaving us a comment, our website administrator reserves the right to edit your comments as is fitting with our editorial principles. Any comments our administrator feels is offensive to any visitor or provider will be deleted and the user may be blocked from our site.

We here at strive to give you the best experience on the web. Any information that we collect from you is intended to customize that experience to you. We cannot express enough that WE WILL NOT SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANY THIRD PARTY WITHOUT YOUR EXPRESS PERMISSION.


Most of our site is linked to VPN providers. When you see a provider or service that appeals to you, we provide a link for you to click on enabling you to visit that site for further information. We will not assume responsibility for any websites that you are directed to when you click on a link on any of our pages. Please leave us a comment or send us an email if any of these links are broken or are a redirect to another site not associated with the provider so we can rectify the situation.

 Affiliates welcomes affiliates. We feel that an affiliate program is the best way to promote a site and drive traffic. When you click on an affiliate link, we will not be held responsible the for affiliate site data collection policy. We are not responsible for any information you provide the affiliate site when you fill out their form.

We require our affiliates to provide us with detailed information regarding their service and products. We are in constant contact with our affiliates in order that we may bring to you, the consumer, and the latest and most up to date offers and to keep you and us informed of new releases and upgrades. In this way we are a hub for you to find the latest developments in online security

Online Data Security is in the business of online security. But we can’t practice what we preach unless we utilize the very products we are promoting. We are run from secure servers using the very VPN technology we offer to you. Our servers are equipped with the latest online security technology and run by qualified staff using international server management guidelines. If at any time you feel that your information has been breached, please contact us immediately with details of the violation. We will work diligently to resolve your issue and ensure that you will not experience another one.