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The necessity to change IP to other country

I am sure that you are already familiar with the use of the internet for almost any sort of activity that one can imagine. In fact, over three-quarters of the entire whole world are already knowledgeable about the internet and make use of it almost every moment of every day.

The Internet is an essential tool which can be utilized by various users worldwide. Its uses are diverse and range from looking for information, exchanging ideas, buying, selling, and other commercial activities and so on and so forth. All of these activities are made possible because all websites, computers, devices, and appliances are linked to one another and so can communicate between themselves. And in order for them to succeed in communicating between themselves, it is important that an internet connection is established between them. This connection is provided by Internet Service Providers or ISPs. The ISPs ensure that you and I as well as other users of the internet have the necessary tools to access the worldwide web seamlessly.

The essential tool that any internet user requires is one IP address. An IP address is your distinct digital personality and identity with which you connect to the internet. It is made up of a unique number and dots which reveals a lot about you to websites and any person interested in monitoring your activity.

Some of the uses of the IP address are that it can be used to identify who your ISPs are, reveal your exact physical location, tracking you online, and so on.

Why is it necessary to change IP to other country?

These days, people decide to change IP for so many reasons.

Firstly, there is the need to want to avoid censorship online. In the world that we live in today, there is the scourge of censorship online. This is especially true of countries and regimes which are deemed to be authoritarian and dictatorships where online surveillance and heavy censorship are state policies. In order to be safe and avoid detection while on the internet, it is extremely necessary for any internet user in such countries to want to change IP to other country or nations which are a bit more liberal. By deciding to change IP and obtaining one from a different location elsewhere in the world, the problem and threat of detection is solved.

Secondly, anyone might want to change IP because they need to gain access to content that has been blocked. This is especially true for students whose schools’ network administrators deny them access to some websites and in extreme situations the entire internet as long as they are within the school premises. Similarly, some employers block access to the internet while in the office. In both cases, the reasons for such acts are that the students and employees who have such access record bad grades and reduced productivity respectively. The organization would achieve their goal of blocking access to any content by use of firewalls. In such situations, anyone who needs to avoid such obstacles and obtain access to the web would need to change IP to other country.

Thirdly, there are some websites that we might need to unblock because we do not have access to them as a result of our geographic location. A good example would be Netflix. We all know that their US premium content is not available to any subscriber who is not located within the United States of America. In order for you to gain access to Netflix USA from any other country, it is imperative that you would have to change your IP different from the one where you are currently located. In this case, your IP has to be changed to that of any city in the USA.

Fourthly, you may need to change IP to other country in order to stay anonymous and unknown while on the internet. This is a great reason which has been making lots and lots of users of the Internet to search for ways to change IP to other country. As long as there is no direct and authentic route that shows the direction to your real office or home, nobody with an ulterior motive would be able to track you or trace you, and in the process rob you of any details or data that is precious and sensitive. When you change IP your activity online is not compromised.

How can you change IP to other country?

When you want to change IP there are many ways of getting the task done. And I assure you that none of them is difficult in any way. In order to make things simpler for you, I am going to divide this section into two. The first part would focus on how to change IP manually without the need for any tools or software. All that would be required is to make some adjustments to your device and voila! You are good to go. The second part of the section would deal with methods that would require you to get software and tools. Some of them are free methods while others involve expenses.

Manual and free Methods to use to change IP to other country

  1. For Mac devices
    • Open Safari and select Preferences
    • Then select Advanced
    • Select Proxies and Change Settings
    • The Web Proxy (HTTP) would be checked
    • By making use of a free proxy service you can get a new IP address
    • Have the IP address and port number copied and pasted
    • Click OK and Apply
  2. For Windows devices
    • Press Run followed by Command and then Enter
    • “ipconfig/release” should be typed before pressing Enter
    • Select Control Panel and click Network and Internet
    • Network should be clicked, followed by Sharing Center and the Change adapter settings
    • Your internet connection should now be clicked before you select properties
    • Go to the Networking Tab and find TCP/IPv4
    • Properties should be pressed and a new IP address typed in. You can get a new IP address for use from here.
    • Ok is now clicked and again TCP/IPv4 is selected
    • Properties should be pressed again and the new IP is chosen
    • Click Ok

Methods which involve the use of software and tools

  1. Smart DNS – these services hide your IP address properly. However, they do not encrypt your data which can be hazardous for you.
  2. Tor Browser – this free tool effectively masks your actual IP address in spite of where you might be located. The Onion Router website gives a step by step guide on how to change IP address to other country. The Tor browser would have to be downloaded.
  3. Virtual Private Networks – a virtual private network of VPN acts as a middleman between any website that you visit and your internet connection. They do so using remote servers which are situated all over the world. Once you change IP, you obtain a new IP address of the country you choose to use. Also, VPNs offer data encryption which safeguards your data. While working online, your traffic is protected. There are a lot of VPNs providers out there, however, for the most reliable and best quality services, I would recommend you to use HideMyAss VPN.

The best method to change IP to other country

From all the explanations and details that I have given above, you might be confused and perhaps not have the time or patience to try them all out. If you really would want to know what my suggestion would be in regards to the best method to change IP, I would suggest that you simply make use of a VPN service like HideMyAss. HMA would offer you the best service along with peace of mind.

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