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A Guide to Watch Sky Sports Online

The Sky network is one of the most promising services available for citizens of the United Kingdom. The Sky network, primarily its Sky Sports channel, is one of the most widely used TV channels that are viewed or streamed in the UK. It provides people with live streaming, full analysis, highlights and constant updates from sports like Premier League Football, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby, and many more. Sky bet also allows people to place bets on the matches and gamble while they watch the games on Sky Sports. All in all, it is all one could ask for.

However, the downside for such an amazing service is that it is available only in the UK. If anyone tries to access Sky Sports from outside the UK, they are given an error message like ‘this video is not authorized for your location’. Like many other services, including BBC iPlayer and Netflix, Sky Sports falls in the category of geo-restricted services. Even Sky Go, the online television service from Sky which allows one to stream movies, news, TV programmes, and sports highlights, falls in the same bracket.

The feature-laden services they are, Sky Sports and Sky Go are popular with people outside the UK as well. So how to you watch sky sports or watch sky go overseas? People who are UK residents but have to go abroad for some business often wonder ‘will my Sky Go work abroad’? Well, as per the usage rules of Sky network, it won’t. But there is a way to watch sky sports and sky go overseas.

Watch Sky Sports Online Overseas

Sky Sports and Sky Go are geo-restricted services. Geo-restriction works by finding your location on the globe using your IP address. If you are found to be accessing the service from outside the UK, access is denied. So in order to watch sky sports online from abroad, you need to trick it into believing that you are in the UK. This can be easily done by using a VPN.

VPNs connect their users to the internet via their own servers. The connection is established via an encrypted tunnel through a different path than your ISP. All data exchanged between the internet and your system is encrypted by the VPN, keeping all your sensitive data safe and confidential.

In addition to this, a VPN also hides your true IP address from all onlookers and in turn presents the IP address of the VPN server you are connected to as your IP address. VPN providers also allow users to choose a server in a particular location, provided they have servers there. So, in order to watch sky sports online from overseas, you need to select a VPN server that is located in the UK and you will be allowed passage into the website.


There are many good VPNs for Sky Go and Sky Sports. Since you need to pretend to be in the UK, you should take proper care that the VPN you choose has many servers in the UK.

There are many other features that make a VPN stand out from the rest like the connection speed it offers, the number of servers they have around the world, the encryption techniques they use, etc. VPN like HideMyAss Pro is some of the best-known VPN for Sky Go and Sky Sports with its phenomenal connection speed and global coverage.

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