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A guide to watch Netflix on iPhone

Netflix is the clear leader when it comes to online entertainment. They provide premium content that is entertainment related through a subscription service. For long it has been regarded as the most popular website for videos, movies, and television series. Its services are available in different variants to residents of the United States of America, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, and Canada. The company is hard at work in expanding to other regions of the world. This means that there is every likelihood that Netflix would soon be available in your region or country.

Apart from its widespread availability in a lot of countries of the world, Netflix is equally available for use on almost every device and operating system that currently exists. For operating systems Netflix can be accessed on Android, Windows, and iOS, while for devices Netflix can be accessed on every device including PC, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The company has made advancements in its systems and the way that Netflix can be accessed. Netflix has also developed apps for various devices. Apart from phones that operate Android and Windows systems, you can also watch Netflix on iPhone and iPad. But it was not always like this.

Earlier in its history, Netflix underwent some difficulties in regards to acceptability and usage. Around 2013, the company succeeded in making an app that worked like Netflix iPhone. The Netflix app for iPhone now has proper Airplay, Netflix HD, and an interface that is much more updated. Today, a lot of people are now watching Netflix on iPhone.

The Netflix app for iPhone enables any user of the iPhone to watch and download films and TV series from Netflix. But apart from this, it is also now possible access your viewing content from multiple iOS devices. For example, while watching Netflix on iPhone, you might decide to pause a movie. Later on, you can continue by accessing the same film from your iPad. Perhaps later on you can finish the same movie from your Apple TV at home.

This means that Netflix for iPhone makes it possible for you to access your content from other iOS devices by synchronizing your accessibility to your account from any of these devices. Netflix is able to accomplish this feat because apart from the app for Netflix, Netflix also has an app for iPod Touch and iPad. On the Apple TV the Netflix app comes pre-installed.

How do you watch Netflix on iPhone?

There are two methods that you can use to watch Netflix on iPhone. This guide also relates to the most recent models of the iPhone like iPhone 4, 5, 6, and 6 plus. You can choose to either have Netflix which you have downloaded transferred to your iPhone or just directly watch Netflix on iPhone. I would briefly explain both methods below.

Transferring to iPhone downloaded Netflix

It would surprise some people to note that on Netflix there are no services for video downloads. If you have made use of a third – party video downloader to download some Netflix films, there is the need for you to ensure that any DRM protections on them are removed.

Secondly, if the video format that was used by the downloader to save the movies is not iPhone compatible then it must be converted. The file formats that are supported by Netflix iPhone are some special AVI, M4V, MP4, and MOV.

Thirdly, to watch Netflix on iPhone with a great view make sure that you are comfortable with the bit rate, out format, and resolution. But assuming that you notice that your downloaded movies do not share a compatibility with your iphone, by utilizing iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac would assist you in resolving this defect.

This app uses a conversion speed that is extremely fast to get any video in any popular formats converted easily and quickly on any iOS – operated device. You can visit here for the Mac version and here for the Windows version. And the process is quite easy. You simply run the app once it has been downloaded. You then drag and drop into the Mac converter the movie that you downloaded from Netflix. After selecting the iPhone’s preset, you commence the conversion from Netflix to Mac iPhone.

Finally, you then have your iPhone plugged to Mac and have the converted files imported into iTunes and have them synced to your iPhone. It is pretty easy to do.

Watching Netflix on iPhone directly

Just like I stated previously, an official app for all devices which operate iOS has been released by Netflix. This means that apart from iPod Touch and iPad, there is also a Netflix iPhone app. Therefore, in order to watch Netflix on iPhone, you simply install the app and enjoy tour best movie and TV shows directly from Netflix.

And the process is quite simple as well. You put on your iPhone and connect it to the internet. You then open and search through the App Store of the iPhone for the Netflix app for iPhone. Once it is found, you have the Netflix app downloaded and installed.

Once this is done, you go right ahead to launch Netflix and access your Netflix account with your details. It you have not yet subscribed for the Netflix service, you would need to signup first through the app or at and then you are good to go.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy yourself by getting the Netflix app downloaded and watch Netflix on iPhone.

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