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How to Unblock Netflix in Germany

Does Netflix work in Germany? Absolutely yes! You can watch The Walking Dead, House of Cards, and other exciting American Netflix TV shows within the borders of Germany. And this piece is going to show you just how to make this happen with a simple trick. And before you start having fears, the trick is utterly legal.

You are probably aware that Netflix is yet to extend its coverage beyond the US, and even though subscribers from other countries like the UK and Ireland are able to watch Netflix, there is a limit to the quality and content made available to these countries. So if you are residing in Germany, you may not be able to watch many of the exciting Netflix streaming videos and TV shows on your Xbox, PS4, Roku or other streaming devices.

Owing to some international laws, Netflix restricts access to its streaming videos outside licensed locations, using a technology known as geo-blocking. So whenever you try to log on Netflix in Germany, Netflix uses the IP address of your device to determine your location, and effectively bar you from viewing its streaming videos. To bypass this geo-blocking, we will only need to get a US-based IP address for our device, so Netflix thinks we are in the US. And this is how to do it:


Get a VPN

To watch Netflix in Germany, you will need a VPN, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. A VPN service allows you to surf the net through its encrypted servers, so your online identity is masked. If your VPN provider is based in the US, you will be assigned an alternative, US-based IP address and all your online data and internet activity will appear to come from the US.

There are several VPN providers available in the US. You will want to secure one with fast download speed since you will be streaming movies and TV shows. You can go for ExpressVPN, HideMyAss, IPVanish, CyberGhost or TorGuard. Whatever your choice, be sure it’s a premium VPN service with unlimited bandwidth and great speed.

Your VPN will do more than just helping you sidestep Netflix geo-blocking. Surfing the web via a VPN’s encrypted server provides security from hackers, since your activities on the web cannot be traced back to your device.

Setup your VPN

Now how do you setup your VPN on Windows? The procedure is basically the same, no matter your choice of VPN.

  • You will first subscribe with the VPN service provider from its official website.
  • Then you can download and install the software.
  • Next, open the software, typically with your username and password.
  • Choose the location and server you will love to connect to.

You can now connect to your VPN server.

Subscribe to Netflix

Signup with Netflix for an account through its website netflix.com. With your Netflix account, you can explore your world of streaming videos and enjoy Netflix in Germany. Make sure to always connect to your VPN whenever you wish to access Netflix.

The FlashRouter

Well, we found a way to improve your Netflix encounter. And the answer is the FlashRouter. The router is designed with an inbuilt VPN integration. So you are saved the trouble of installing the VPN yourself if you use the FlashRouter.

Of course, the router won’t handle the VPN subscription for you; and it is only useful after your subscription. The dual router allows you to change your IP address whenever you choose. You can switch between your VPN when you are accessing Netflix and your local connection for your usual internet usage.

The Verdict

So this is how to watch Netflix in Germany. From Berlin to Munich, wherever you are in Germany, subscribe to a competent VPN service, get a Netflix account and savor your streaming experience.

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