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Learn How to Watch Sky Go Abroad

I bet you have always wondered how to watch Sky Go abroad. Well, this article will give you every possible way you can do that.


The persons who have Sky admit that they can’t live without it. It has extra channels and premium quality movies. Therefore, plenty of people wonder how they can watch Sky Go abroad.

Use VPN Services

You are attempting to watch Sky Go abroad, to say, from France or USA or any other place outside the UK, you will see that you are not allowed to do that. But you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service in order to be able to watch Sky Go from outside UK. VPN services allow you to bypass restrictions that are stopping you from watching Sky Go abroad.

What a VPN service actually does is to encrypt your internet connection and to hide your IP address and replace it with another one, giving the impression that you are accessing the Internet from another place or even country. For watching Sky Go abroad, you must choose a VPN service that has servers in the UK. Some of them are: IPVanish, HideMyAss and ExpressVPN.

IPVanish is extremely fast and reliable. Also, it is very easy to use. It costs between $5 and $10. One you have signed up, you download the software to your computer, tablet, phone. IPVanish works with Windows, iOS, Android and MAC. Then, connect to a server in the UK and then just simply access the Sky Go website. Log in there and you will watch it freely.

Hola Unblocker Plugin

This one spoofs IP addresses for many countries, including the UK.  First of all, install the Hola Unblocker Plugin on your browser. It works with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Android OS. To download it, go to www.hola.org and click Download. Install and activate it and you can easily watch Sky Go abroad.

Tunnelbear App

The Tunnelbear app is meant for phones and tablets and does the same thing that the Hola unblocker plugin does, only that Hola is meant for browsers.

Install the Tunnelbear app on your iPhone or Android phone and select the country you want to appear that you are connecting from, in this case, the UK. This way you will access iPlayer, 4oD and the rest of them, using the app’s built-in browser. Tunnelbear is NOT free! It costs $4.99 per month, after you get the first 500MB data for free.

Change DNS (Domain Name Servers) Settings

This one is from Xboxes and PlayStations. Go to the network settings of the device and configure the settings manually. You are able to enter a primary and secondary DNS number. Search for these DNS numbers online. A good place you can find them is: DroidKit.

These are free, but they clog up very easy and fast, they are slow and sometimes they can send you to another website than the one you entered.


In conclusion, these were the ways you can watch Sky TV online from outside the UK. With VPN services like IPVanish, HideMyAss and ExpressVPN – DNS settings, Hola and Tunnelbear you can watch Sky Go abroad without any problems and you can get the best TV channels and premium quality movie channels just a click away.

Using these methods presented in the article, you have the best chances to watch Sky Go from outside the UK without any restrictions that can stop you from benefiting from this amazing TV channel from the UK.

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