Top 10: Best Free proxies for anonymous surfing

Anonymous web surfing has been around since the increased usage of internet, and with the increased risk factors that grow each day, one will never be fully safe against vicious attacks that only aim to harm. One of the popular ways of surfing the internet anonymously is through proxies and VPNs.


First of all, it is crucial to make the difference between proxy and VPN; the former being a way to surf anonymously by involving an IP address and servers that are not of your current machine but rather act as an intermediary, while the latter is a Virtual Private Network that encrypts your data as a tunnel between your computer and the host server.

In short, a proxy acts as a middle man while the VPN allow direct encrypted links. In this article I will be covering the best free web proxies that you can use and their product specifications. The 10 proxies to be covered are:

  • HideMyAss
  • NewIPNow
  • Ninja Cloak
  • AnonyMouse
  • BlewPass
  • Proxify
  • Dontfilter
  • kProxy
  • Anonymizer


One of the few companies that offers both VPNs and proxies, located in the UK. One of the remarkable features is the useful address bar that you may use without revealing your IP, as well as the option of using SSL certification and more advanced features.

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Similar to HideMyAss, lets you enter the address you want to visit and then gives you the possibility of tens of proxies to choose from. Again, your IP details are kept safe.

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Yet another free proxy service that provides safe surfing. The interesting feature of this one is that it currently shows the IP you are using, which is a nice way of knowing that the proxy is working well for you. It also comes with the options of choosing different IPs upon entering the address.

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Ninja Cloak

One of the known negatives about this proxy are the annoying ads and popups when visiting the site, but don’t let that discourage you. This site features HTTPS secure mode surfing, and while ads will always be annoying, a small little add-on called AdBlock will solve your problem right away.

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Similar to other proxy sites this one also offers the same basic features in anonymous surfing. Perhaps what makes it worth your time is being entertained by the word play.

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It’s one of the best free proxies, which is pretty fast compared to how slow a proxy site can normally be. It has been around for over 3 years and the helpful quick links to various popular sites like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter etc. make it a bit less painful for those who seek to surf the web hastily. If you are looking for proxies for school, the bookmarks might save you some time.

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It is one of the oldest proxy sites and also my favorite proxy site name. Contrary to other proxy sites, I recommend this one due to an increased number of blocked sites that it can help you visit, without increasing the workload too much.

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This one lets you personalize your surfing in greater detail so make sure to tick the boxes you want for a better surfing experience. The design is also pretty simple and allows for faster internet surfing.

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A fairly old site, established in 2005, and enables http protocols as well as is useful as a portable proxy site. It can be used by everybody and offers a similar experience to the fore mentioned sites.

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Last but not least, Anoymizer also offers a personal VPN service that you can use to access unlimited speed. A nice feature is that unlike some proxies, this does not keep any logs so you can rest assured that what you’re viewing is only seen by you.

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