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How to Secure Linksys Router in Very Simple Steps

In recent times, the issue of cybersecurity and unauthorized access to people’s emails have been on the increase. Everyone can still remember last year’s hacking of Sony Pictures’ systems. As a result, there is presently a growing interest in ensuring that people’s systems are not susceptible to unauthorized access. If such an incidence occurs the damage can be irreplaceable.


A complete network system requires many things to make it work. Apart from getting an internet connection, you would also need a wireless router. There are many types of routers in the market today. One of the most reliable of them is the Linksys router.

Reasons why users must learn how to secure linksys router

There are many obvious reasons why as a computer user you should learn how to secure linksys router. Firstly, securing linksys router would deter any third parties from having unauthorized access into a user’s computer. This would definitely prevent you from falling a victim of identity theft. Another reason why you must learn how to secure your linksys wireless router is that whenever you are on the internet, you could become a victim of hacking. A typical example of such an occurrence is the recent hacking of Sony Pictures’ database by hackers.

In essence securing linksys router and the security settings surrounding it would make sure that your wireless network and internet are secure and safe from any access that is not authorized.

Items needed if you want to learn how to secure your linksys router

In order to know how to secure linksys router, you would need some basic materials as follows:

  1. A Linksys wireless router
  2. A web/internet browser already installed
  3. A laptop or desktop computer with Windows OS

The steps to be taken if you want to secure linksys wireless router

Now that we understand the necessity of securing linksys routers, we would need to understand the process involved. It is nothing difficult, which sometimes makes people wonder why a lot of computer users did not invest some of their free periods to learn how to secure linksys router. As with other vocations, when one has not seen the need to embark on an activity, that task would remain unattended to until something forces them to do so. The recent hacking of Sony Corporation has forced people to pick an interest in how to secure linksys routers.

These are the steps:

  1. Put on your system and wait a while for the Windows OS to booth up. While the OS is loading, get the web browser opened.
  1. Without the quotation marks type into the search bar of the browser “” before pressing the key “enter”. A box will pop up and request for your password and username. The username field should not be filled. Rather “admin” should be typed as the password. You now click on “OK”. However, if this does not work, try using “admin” for both password and username.
  1. The next step in the process of securing a linksys router is while in WEP Encryption select 128 bits 26 hex digits. In the box for passphrase you put a password and click “generate.” This would cause four entries each having 26 digits to be generated. You would have to use a notepad to copy all these details because they are what you would use to gain access into the linksys wireless router.
  1. When the computer prompts you to enter the WEP key, you input the 26-digit password of the first key (KEY A).
  1. Repeat step two above by returning back to your web browser. However, this time you would be required to get the password changed from what it was previously, either “admin” or “Admin”. The tab labeled “Administration” should be clicked and a password which is different is entered into the field given before it is saved. In the event that you choose to have your linksys wireless router reconfigured, this is the password that you would use.
  1. Instead of WEP you could choose to use WPA security mode if the linksys wireless router that you have is a newer version. In that case, you would need to select “WPA-Personal” before you choose “TKIP encryption. In order to renew the key you type in the passphrase you have chosen followed by “3600 seconds”. For reference in the future, you should make a note of the password and then “Save settings” should be clicked on.


Always remember that there are software which are available and designed by third parties to secure cabled or wireless networks. It might be better to get these software from third-parties installed in order to serve as protection for your network. This is because they are legitimate and can serve as extra defense lines against any code which is malicious.


In conclusion, every computer user is advised to learn how to secure linksys routers because of the prevalence of cybercrime, identity theft, and malicious code. This would save their computers from losing precious information and data. Through the processes above, no computer use would go around asking how to secure my linksys router again.

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