Staying Under the Radar: Top 5 Unblocked Proxy Websites for All Time

Have you ever watched a snail move across the sidewalk or up a wall? Notice the slimy, shiny ‘trail’ they leave behind? Well, that’s what your online presence looks like in digital form whenever you go online. Every website you visit, every email you open, everything you do online leaves a trail. Sometimes this trail is picked up by advertisers looking to sell you something that reflects what you like.


Many people seek to surf the internet anonymously. There are few ways to do this. One way is to purchase a VPN service and install the software onto your computer. This is great if you like spending money or you are working for a company from home and need to hide your information from spying eyes. But what if you’re just looking to keep your online identity from being tracked by school, work or the government?

Our Top 5 Unblocked Proxy Websites List

When you want to stay under the radar of internet tracking and access website that are blocked, then have we got news for you. Our list of the top 5 proxy websites features some of the best free proxy websites.

  1. Hidemyass

HideMyAss Pro


  • Choose from 8 different servers or pick random
  • URL obfuscation
  • SSL security
  • Extensive Public Proxy server database

Hidemyass is undoubtedly our number one pick of proxy websites. Totally free proxy website as well as kick-ass VPN service, Hidemyass is your go to proxy website for school, work or just fun. Advanced options allow you to customize your anonymous experience, hiding your IP and enabling you to surf without being tracked.

Visit HideMyAss


  • Mozilla Firefox as Google Chrome add-ons for easier access
  • SSL security
  • YouTube proxy
  • Anonymous search gives you a secure experience without all the software requirements. With an add-on/extension for two of the most popular browsers, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, you get instant access to the proxy website. Unblock proxy website like YouTube with their YouTube proxy. Search blocked content safely with their anonymous search.



  • Shared public IP address
  • Multi-IP browsing
  • Private HTTP proxies (small monthly fee)
  • Mozilla Firefox extension offers an impressive Firefox extension to download free, allowing you to change your IP address from the web browser rather than at the site. With a good sized list of IP locations, the drop down menu not only shows the IP address and the place or ‘origin’ but also bandwidth speed as well.

They also have private HTTP packages that offer unlimited bandwidth, multiple cities, subnets and instant setup based on the amount of proxies you want. An excellent unblock proxy website for anonymous surfing.




  • 1300 locations
  • Not free
  • Streaming media, video and audio service
  • Custom Mac OS X Menulet, Windows Tray Application, and Firefox Toolbar
  • Three packages to choose from

Since we’re featuring more free proxy services, let’s look at one that is top-notch and affordable. Proxify is all that and a bag of chips. Offering their own custom designed extensions for Mac OSX, windows, and Firefox toolbar, Proxify is worth the money. They use their  satellite which gives you over 1300 locations to bounce around. Stream video, media and music anonymously with Proxify.

Visit Proxify



  • Free basic version and VIP packages
  • VIP offers ad-free surfing
  • Can only be used from the site; no software or add-ons/extensions
  • Use any web browser

Despite the mouse in its name, Anonymouse is a lion in the proxy website jungle. The free service is basic, but the VIP package is where you get the most value. The VIP package gives you more encrypted connections without the annoying adverts that pop up (or under). A higher download limit and anti-virus scanner allow for higher download limits. The VIP packages range from one month to twelve and are very affordable.


Well, there you have it, our pick of the top 5 unblocked proxy websites or all time. Most are free with only a few charging a monthly fee that offers more features and customization. And, as with everything else in this crazy world, check the water before you dive in. Learn all you can about the sites and make educated decisions. Not everything is as it seems, so keep your wits about you and above all HAVE FUN!

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