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The Best Antivirus for Android In 2019

Whether your android device should be given added protection against malwares, despite its inbuilt security, shouldn’t be a subject of controversy. Your best advice remains: better safe than sorry. And this is not without some good reasons.

Malwares have grown in number and sophistication that you will need the best antivirus for android devices to ward off potential threats, especially since Android operating system has an open nature which makes it more vulnerable to malwares. Android users also face risks during app downloads from Google Play Store, because apps submitted on the store may not have any pre-approvals and may not have been checked for security.

You may also want to get an antivirus for other functionalities. Scores of antivirus apps come with anti-theft features that help you track your phone, wipe sensitive data, or even lock your Smartphone if it’s stolen. Some others have contact filtering and even call blocking functionalities.

The following made our list of best antivirus android apps:

360 Security


Ranking 4.5 in the Play Store with a stylish, lightweight design, 360 Security topped the Av-Test’s ranking in September 2013. It achieved 100 percent detection rate in March 2014. Offers real-time scan and is apparently the best free antivirus.

  • Totally free.
  • Scans and removes malwares, spywares and other infection threats.
  • Enhances smooth performance by routinely cleaning up idle background apps.
  • Detects and repairs vulnerabilities on your device.
  • Provides privacy adviser and data monitor.
  • Latest versions include cleaner for junk files, power saving tool, and memory booster and anti-theft tool.
  • App management, anti-theft tools and encryption for enhanced privacy, also added to its latest version.

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Avast! Mobile Security


The Aavast! Mobile Security also ranks among the best antivirus for Android, boasting an impressive 99.9 percent detection rate, with a wide range of tools.


  • Offers some totally free versions.
  • Paid versions are discounted and contain more features.
  • Does not deplete battery life and has no negative impact on device performance.
  • Uses web shield to scan URLs for malwares.
  • Provides anti-theft functionality to help you track your Smartphone using SMS, lock your phone, wipe your data or even locate it.
  • Has firewall function to help you control network traffic for your rooted device.
  • Returned no false positives.


  • Performance drops with older devices.

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ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus


This app offers real time scanning for detecting and deleting malwares, with 100 percent detection rate according to AV-Test. It also provides some added features for your android device that might just get your attention.


  • Free basic app.
  • Free version includes anti-theft tools for remote locking and location, with SIM guard features.
  • Premium version serves anti-phishing protection, including data monitoring and top-notch call blocking features.
  • Provides password-protection for your apps so no one can uninstall them.
  • Detects malicious apps trying to send text messages or make calls at premium rates.

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Avira Antivirus Security


This app is smooth, with 100 percent detection rate going by AV-Test. Quite suitable for your Android device and does not slow down performance.


  • Free version does just enough for most people.
  • Scans apps for potential threats, providing automatic updates.
  • Premium version offers anti-phishing option and enhanced support.
  • Blacklisting option to bar irritant spam and callers.
  • Anti-theft tool for remote locking and wiping. You can even trigger an alarm.
  • An extra tool promises to notify and give you remedy tips if your email account is hacked.

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AVG AntiVirus Security


AVG AntiVrus is one of those familiar names on the store, rating 4.4. You can get the Free version which already contains most basic tools or the Pro version if you fancy some elegance. This app made it among the best antivirus for android, despite not being well known.  It is quite competent and offers some flexibility. One notable feature is its rich payment options – you can subscribe for a month, a year or even for a lifetime!


  • Offers free version.
  • Anti-theft tools for Free and Pro versions.
  • Free version offers anti-malware and anti-phishing services.
  • Added features like SIM locks, app locks and app backup in the Pro version.


  • Call blocking could easily be provided in its free version.
  • May be challenging uninstalling it, but not impossible.

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Get One Now…

There are several other good antivirus apps for android that could easily have made the list. You can take advantage of the numerous free versions to secure your phone from antivirus and other malwares, as well as enjoy other added features. Get that protection for your Android device.

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