TurboFlix Review

Turboflix is one of the platforms that offer access to watching Netflix, despite the geo-blocking policy imposed on viewers outside Netflix licensed areas. You see, Netflix has decided to restrict access to its streaming videos and TV shows, due to some complex international licensing laws.

As a result, only those residing in the US are able to gain unrestricted access to American Netflix streaming videos. Although Netflix is also made available for viewing in some locations like the UK, Canada and Latin America, there is some limitation in the quality and content available outside the US.

Netflix is able to determine your geographical location by reading the IP address of your device. If you are not within licensed locations, you will be effectively blocked from watching Netflix. However, there are a number of methods that can be used to get around geo-blocking. This TurboFlix review takes a look at how effectively or otherwise Turboflix has been able to lift the geo-blocking barrier and give its subscribers access to unlimited streaming content.

TurboFlix Proxy Services


Netflix identifies your location using your IP address and blocks you if you are not in the US. To help you sidestep this, TurboFlix masks your IP address and provides you with an alternative IP address which makes it appear as if you were requesting access from within licensed regions.

So you effectively evade any geo-restrictions. TurboFlix uses DNS and VPN technologies in combination to achieve this. You get your back covered, while enjoying your favorite movies.

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TurboFlix Compatibility


TurboFlix movies are supported on a host of devices so you have virtually little or no restrictions choosing which device to watch your movies. Turboflix provides compatibility for Android, Apple, Windows, Samsung, Mac, Toshiba, LG, Sony, PS3, PS4 and others. Setting up TurboFlix on your device is easy.

Click on Setup Wizard and choose your device and OS from the options displayed during setup. You can watch streaming videos on your tablets, PCs, Smartphone, Smart TVs and even gaming consoles.

Easy Signup

Signing up to TurboFlix is trouble-free. You can do so with your Facebook account or with an email and password of your choice. Of course you have to agree to the terms and conditions to complete your registration. Then a welcome email will be sent to your box. Bingo! You are on TurboFlix and it doesn’t take forever, just moments.

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TurboFlix Free Trial


In this TurboFlix review, one interesting fact we can’t overlook is that TurboFlix offers a whole 7 days free trial subscription, after which you may pay for subsequent subscriptions at reasonably priced rates. You can choose Start Free Trial from the official site of TurboFlix to start enjoying initial 7-days free streaming videos.

You also have the option of cancelling your subscription after the free trial. No strings, no penalties. Unlike many other free subscriptions, you do not need to enter your credit card account details to claim it.

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Affordable Subscriptions


For free subscribers who would wish to extend their subscriptions, TurboFlix offers one month subscription for $3.99. Other great packages are available, especially if you opt for longer subscriptions. Three months subscription is given at $9.99 and six months subscription goes for $19.99. To enjoy Turboflix shows for an entire year, you only have to pay $39.99. These are pocket-friendly deals, you would agree.

User-friendly Customer Service

For all your questions and inquiries, you can obtain TurboFlix customer support via its website. You have a number of options. You can send them an email or submit a request and expect timely response. The FAQ section also offers answers to some questions you may have. Then again, there is a search bar to find information on any available topics.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This TurboFlix review takes a look at how TurboFlix helps you to get past Netflix geo-blocking barrier. In particular, its DNS and VPN services, ease of use, free trial and other affordable subscriptions have been discussed.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that Turboflix offers outstanding service to its subscribers and at reasonable rates. We can therefore recommend TurboFlix as your safe bet platform for watching streaming movies, despite any geo-blocking barriers.

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