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Unlocator is a service of Smart DNS operated and owned by a Danish IT outfit known as Linkwork ApS. They were incorporated in 2013 and are currently based in Copenhagen. Smart DNS proxies are essentially DNS servers that are specially designed. They do not just unblock the likes of Netflix, HBO GO, and other sites that are not accessible to residents outside the US, UK, Canada, and other restricted areas. These Smart DNS go further to resolve queries on DNS and they perform this additional function reliably and very quickly.


Ever since Unlocator was launched they quickly established themselves as the most popular service for Smart DNS in the industry that specializes in enabling users to access media content that is unblocked because they are geo – restricted.


Users are able to get through any regional restricted services such as Hulu, Netflix, and so on using the Unlocator vpn. They also have such restrictions bypassed, as well as sports that are blacked out, media access while they are abroad, and so on using many devices as long as they have the dns unlocator. And no software is required to be installed to achieve this.

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How Smart DNS Works

Smart DNS performs its activities just like the VPN technology which is by getting the actual location of a user hidden, and making online services and websites to think that the users are where they are not. In order to accomplish this, the DNS queries are re-sent through the services of Unlocator vpn and dns servers. The speed of the internet is not disturbed. However, the data is not encrypted unlike the case with VPN.


Smart dns like the dns unlocator perform their activities by simply getting visits to websites re-routed for those services that are supported. What this entails is that the DNS queries of a user who visits a website that supports streaming would get re-routed automatically. But afterwards when they decide to make use of services which are unrelated such as social media sites and internet banking, there is no effect at all.

Payment methods and pricing

Any of the available unlocator reviews would inform you that the service has packages that are offered as a full and complete service and cancellation of the subscriptions can be made at any time.


  1. Free 7-day Trial – this package is available to would-be customers as a chance to test run the service before eventual subscription. It is available without a subscription obligation and no data of your credit card is collected for accessing it. From here, you can upgrade to any of the paid options available.
  2. One month package – this costs $4.95 every month. In addition, for any customer who is unsatisfied, they are offered a money back guarantee of 14 days.
  3. Six month package – this costs $27.50 and is recurring every six months.
  4. Twelve months package – this costs $49.95 and recurs every 12 months.

For the options for payments, users have the choice of making payments through Paypal, Mastercard, or Visa. In the opinion of this Unlocator review this is a range of options which is very limited. However, for the vast majority of people it should be sufficient.

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Compatibility and strengths

The Smart DNS has a major strength which is its compatibility. As a result of the fact that no software is needed to be installed, the service can be utilized on a vast range of operating systems and devices.


The setup is quite simple and easy. In order to setup Unlocator review on a lot of the most well-known devices, this Unlocator review suggests that you visit the following sites:

In regards to additional operating systems and devices, such as games consoles, tablets, phones, routers, and Smart TVs, this Unlocator review would advise that a user should visit here.

Customer support and service

The Unlocator website has a support page that is very comprehensive. It provides tips, articles for troubleshooting, and guides for setups, while equally getting questions which are frequently asked answered. Most of the common issues which users usually encounter are covered by the support provided.


However, if a user needs to make contact directly with the support team, various methods are available. These comprise social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and email. Supports by online live chat, Skype, and telephone are presently not offered.


The benefits of making use of a Smart DNS like Unlocator cannot be overemphasized. For those who have to travel abroad and need to have access to their favorite streaming media and content, this provides them with a peace of mind. And the prices are well worth the service that is provided.

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