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Trend Micro Antivirus Review

The Trend Micro Antivirus represents a very efficient security package. It offers every security tool you need in order to keep your computer safe from intruders and viruses. It has a really strong malware detection, web protection and it can detect malicious links via a browser plug in that has been especially designed in order to perform this action.


The Trend Micro Antivirus has an interface which is very compact and easy to work on. It displays a grey and white box with a very big button that allows the user to activate the on demand anti malware scans. The color of the arch that is around the big button can indicate the PC’s protection status. The color green indicates a secure status, the yellow one shows updates that are needed and the red one means that the computer has a significant problem when it comes to security.

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As a great feature, the Trend Micro Antivirus scans the files on your computer automatically when you access them, while also having an anti spam feature that works with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

As another feature, the antivirus offers a Privacy button, which leads the user to a page that displays an overview of the privacy protections and it also has a Configure feature that gives the user access to a pop-up window which manages the Social Networking Protection feature of the Trend Micro Antivirus.

The Trend Micro Antivirus has a Rescue Disk that can easily boot while cleaning a computer which is infested really bad with all kinds viruses. It can only be downloaded from their website, as it is not officially included in the Trend Micro Antivirus package.



The Trend Micro Antivirus comes in different packages, all adjusted to any type of computer you may use. It can be a work or home one. Either way, the Trend Micro Antivirus offers solutions to the worst infection problems that your computer may have.

The Antivirus for MAC, meant to be used only on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac costs around $29.95 and it prevents over 250 million threats from getting to your computer, it blocks any new threads, it sets boundaries in order to limit the children’s access to any inappropriate websites, it prevents identity theft and it scans Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn in terms of privacy issues.

The Antivirus + Security package is meant for PC only and it prevents new threads and other viruses from infesting your computer and it prevents identity theft for the price of &39.95.

For the same price as the Antivirus + Security package, the Internet Security one is meant for PC only, it improves the computer’s performance, it limits children’s access to certain websites, it manages your online reputation and it fixes any common PC problems.

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The Maximum Security package does the same things like the other packages mentioned before for the price of $49.95, but in addition to that, it can be used on PC, iOS, MAC and Android, it stores files up to 5GB, it manages any passwords, it offers a secure browser for secure online banking, it protects any mobile phone and it extends phone’s battery life.

The Premium Security package is the same as the Maximum Security one, the only differences being the price, which is %59.95 and the storage of the files, which is up to 25 GB.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this product is that it represents a very efficient and recommended antivirus and it can be used on any operating system and on any device. It also offers 5 packages that are made to fulfill any of your wishes. The Trend Micro Antivirus is said to be the best one out there yet.

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