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It’s an unfortunate reality that a significant majority of websites you frequent are tracking and watching what you do online. Tracking cookies alone aren’t snooping in on you however, as cyber-criminals, malicious hackers, advertisers and government agencies are more than likely to keep a close eye on your web activity. It’s important to remember that privacy isn’t just a necessity, it’s a fundamental right.


To aid you in the endeavor of preserving your privacy and protecting your identity from data thieves online, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is recommended. Specifically, you’ll do well to choose a reliable, affordable and secure VPN. For all of the above reasons and more – as you’ll read in this review, we recommend Trust.Zone.

Trust.Zone, setting the pace


Trust.Zone completely encrypts your internet traffic once you’re hooked in, to then use their servers which are strategically located around the world before you access the wider internet. With Trust.Zone, you’ll have the means to:

  • Surf safely. Anonymously – Protect your privacy and be safe in the knowledge that your web activity isn’t being logged onto a remote database. Trust.Zone is completely anonymous and so are you, when you get on it.
  • Access Geo-Restricted Content – Are you behind a government firewall? Perhaps your network is restricted to and/or from certain websites and content, primarily due to where you are in the world. Fret not. Trust.Zone gives you complete access to bypass such restrictions.
  • Access your favorite media, without hurdles – Feeling deflated after you’ve signed up for a Netflix account, only to find out that it doesn’t operate in your country? You’re taken care of. Watch streaming services such as Hulu, BBC and Netflix along with listening to Spotify, Pandora and more with no bandwidth restrictions.
  • Start using your VoIP software again – Skype is blocked in a few countries around the world, as is Viber among other applications. By unblocking these programs, connect with your family and friends from around the world.
  • Download files of any size, securely – Torrents, Usenet groups and other files are a simple click away. On an encrypted connection. You’re completely cloaked with anonymity while you’re at it. That’s as good as it gets. 
  • Protect your identity and safeguard your privacy – When you’re connected via Trust.Zone, all of your traffic is encrypted. In other words, you won’t have to worry about malicious hackers trying to gain access to your device when you’re at an unsecure wireless spot like an airport or a coffee shop. You’re safe. Trust Trust.Zone.

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The features listed above work thanks to a concentrated network of servers which are strategically placed around the world. Tests revealed that usual server loads averages at a measly 7%, leaving plenty of bandwidth at your disposal when you use Trust.Zone.

Supported Devices


We tested Trust.Zone on a multiple devices across different platforms. Suffice to say, Trust.Zone delivered the goods with no noticeable glitches through the entire testing process.

Supported devices and platforms include:

  • iOS devices – iPad and the iPhone.
  • Android devices- Phones and tablets.
  • Windows mobile devices.
  • Devices running Linux.
  • Windows Devices.
  • Mac OS devices.

That’s just about every device you are likely to own, covered. Trust.Zone memberships give you the means to use the VPN on multiple devices too.

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The VPN market is one that’s highly competitive and Trust.Zone offers membership plans at remarkably affordable price points.

  1. 1 Month Plan. At $7.99 a month, this is a bargain in and of itself but it gets better.
  1. 6 Month Plan. Sign up for 6 months and you’ll get a subsidized price at $5.99 a month. Trust.Zone makes it known that this is the most popular plan among its subscribers. A total of $35.94 where you’ll be saving 25% compared to the monthly rate.
  1. 1 Year Plan. Subscribe for a year and you’ll get the best deal possible at just $3.99 a month. That’s a total of $47.88 for an entire year.

To see how Trust.Zone works for you, we recommend a free test or a trial, which is on offer with all the features that’s available on a subscription plan for one device. It’s available for 5 days too, giving you plenty of time to test and understand how Trust.Zone works and benefits you.

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The bottom line is this – you cannot go wrong with Trust.Zone, even more-so with a free trial on offer that lasts nearly a week. Multi-device clients work seamlessly. The interface is clutter-free and easy to use. Furthermore, it’s well-priced and it sets a high bar of performance and affordability among its many competitors.

We recommend it. Give it a go.

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