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I am quite sure that you must have heard about Dropbox, or maybe come across a Dropbox review, or even the Dropbox app. Well, instead of being a service for backing up documents, Dropbox is simply a way of getting your documents synchronized.

This means that although you could make use of Dropbox apps to get your important files backed up, the real use for it is its unique capacity to access all of your vital files and documents from any device at any point. So whenever you are confronted by the inquiry of what is Dropbox, you can simply say that it enhances the synchronization of files for easy access.

Dropbox has a lot of years of experience when it comes to file storage and synchronization. There are various Dropbox apps for Blackberry, Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, and Windows.


How to get a Dropbox account

In order to get a Dropbox account, you simply visit the company’s website and download Dropbox from there. The iOS version is not located in the Mac App Store. Rather, you would need to search in the Apple’s mobile app market. Both the BlackBerry app and the Dropbox app for Android are in their respective marketplaces as well. Once you have downloaded and installed the client, you would have to sign in using your Dropbox login.

Or else you would need to get a new one created. The next step is that a folder would be created in your computer by the program and called “Dropbox”. The location where this is to be installed depends on you. In the alternative, you can accept the default location and move it later on.

A shortcut icon would appear once installation of the Dropbox folder is completed.


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In order to make use of your Dropbox account, you simply store your files and documents in the folder for Dropbox. It works automatically. However, you must remember that there are no similarities between cloud backup services and file-synching services. This is why if your files are deleted from your Dropbox folder on your computer, they would also be deleted from every other devices where you have installed the Dropbox app as well as your Dropbox account online.

Just like every other storage and file-0synching services, Dropbox gets your files automatically synced everywhere making them easily accessible and available on any device that is internet enabled. Such a device must have the Dropbox app downloaded onto it, or a web browser for accessing your Dropbox account online. This would now make it possible for the files which you save on your office computer to appear automatically on your home PC. Pictures that you upload from the iPhone Dropbox app will instantly show up on your PC at work, and so on.

Dropbox pricing

All the Dropbox apps for iPhone, Android, mac, and Windows are free to download. There are various types of accounts that you can use to enjoy the benefits of a Dropbox account.


  1. Dropbox Free or Basic Account – the free or basic personal account offers a user with 2GB of space. However, you can get an additional storage space of 500MB by getting referrals from friends who join the Dropbox service. For now, it is limited to 500MB per every friend up to a maximum of 16GB. This is a wonderful way of getting your friends to use this wonderful service.
  2. Dropbox Pro – there are many account types located under the Dropbox pro account. There is the Paid Personal account which offers 1TB of space and costs $99 annually, or $9.99 monthly. There is also the Dropbox for Business accounts which is billed depending on the number of employees. This account starts at $15 per user per month with at least 5 users translating to $75 monthly. Dropbox business accounts have lots of services and features.

It is necessary to note that as long as your Dropbox account has sufficient space, Dropbox would not limit the size of the files which are saved to your Dropbox account through mobile apps or the desktop app. However, there is a cap of 10GB for any files uploaded through the website.

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Dropbox is very handy and efficient to work with. You can access your Dropbox account from any person’s computer, download your files from your account, make some changes and/or revisions, and once you are done, you upload them afterwards. You can also confirm the amount of storage space you have used up and what remains, organize your images and files by date, and even get to share those files if you choose to.


Some Dropbox reviews have identified that the mobile Dropbox apps can be a bit frustrating to use. For example, you end up with two copies of every photograph that you take once you have turned on the function for automatically uploading your pictures. There would be a picture in your phone’s default camera folder and another in your Dropbox folder.

What this means is that if you choose to removes every trace of a picture or image, you need to delete twice. Additionally, your mobile device cannot be used to download your files. Rather, the Dropbox app only serves as a shortcut to downloading them. This means that it would be difficult to assess your files if you do not have any connectivity to the internet.

But apart from these few issues, this Dropbox review believes that the Dropbox app is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to sync and share their files efficiently.

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