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Staying Secure on the Information Superhighway: How to Setup a VPN on iPad and iPhone

There is no doubt that the internet is no longer a haven for many people these days. Cyber security is at an all-time premium, and cellular technology is always outpacing itself. Every year, Apple and Samsung vie for supremacy with each “new and improved” version of their smartphones and tablets.


And with the price tag that comes with these new releases, the costs can quickly build up over time. Whether you have purchased your new iPhone or iPad for business purposes or for personal, our goal here is to show you how to setup a VPN on iPad or iPhone, to protect your hard earned investment.

What is a VPN?

Before we get into setting up VPN on iPad or iPhone, let’s first go into what is a VPN. A VPN or virtual private network is an encrypted network that uses the internet to connect you anonymously from one network to another. VPN uses heavy encryption and tunneling to keep your IP address undetectable over a secure connection which keeps your information private and safe as well.

Business use VPN to allow their employees to connect to the home servers privately from prying eyes. A VPN is also used to access blocked and Geo-restricted content in countries that otherwise do not allow access like Netflix or Hulu.

How to setup a VPN on iPad or iPhone

Now that you know what a VPN is, it’s time to go through the steps to set up VPN on iPad or iPhone. The first thing you should probably do is purchase a VPN service. There are as many VPN providers as there are devices out there, and the choice can be a daunting one.

But a reliable VPN provider will not only be affordable but will also have excellent service and allow connectivity between all of your devices. Hidemyass and ExpressVPN are good choices for this, but do some shopping and see which one fits your needs the best.

Setting Up a VPN on iPad and iPhone

Now that you have your VPN service setup and all the information you are going to need let’s get started on how to setup a VPN on iPad or iPhone. The steps are pretty universal for both devices.

  1. Tap on the “Settings” icon
  2. Tap “General” icon
  3. Tap “Network”
  4. Tap “VPN” option.
  5. Tap “Add VPN Configuration.”
  6. Now choose which VPN protocol you wish to connect through; L2TP, PPTP or IPSec. The level of security is different for each, and your VPN provider can recommend which one to choose depending on your needs.
  7. Select a description for your VPN and enter it here. Enter the server name provided by your VPN provider in the “Server” field, for example, Enter your VPN username in the “Account” field and the password. The account name and password are case-sensitive and are provided to you by your VPN provider in your setup email.
  8. Tap “Save.
  9. Once you have filled in these fields, be sure to turn the RSA Secure ID to Off.
  10. Select your encryption level to Auto and turn “Send All Traffic” to “ON”.
  11. Now you’ll notice a little “switch” located just right of VPN. Slide this switch to the on position. Your iPhone or iPad should start automatically connecting to the VPN.

And there you are connected securely to a VPN on your iPhone or iPad. You can now surf the internet, and access blocked and Geo-restricted content or work from home anonymously and securely now that you know how to setup a VPN on iPad and iPhone.

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