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There is now a skyrocketing of the use of cloud-based media. No wonder Apple has equally placed itself among the many providers of cloud services. Apple’s iCloud is a worthwhile attempt at getting its popular lines of product unified with a cloud solution that is integrated and seamless. A lot of iCloud reviews have rated the iCloud tops in terms of syncing functionality, file support, and its ease of use which is intuitive.


All of your files get stored and pushed to all of your devices wirelessly and automatically. If you are not yet already in the Apple ecosystem the iCloud may not make much sense to you, but for anyone who already is, they admit that there is a winner in this cloud service.

How to use icloud storage

Just as similar to all other providers of cloud services, the iCloud works as your own hard drive personally in the cloud, ensuring that all your photos, music, documents, and files are stored. After creating any file, changing or uploading on one device or computer makes them automatically synced to other devices that you own. This starkly contrasts to other cloud services which only allow you to have access through the cloud to your files.

Offline Access

A unique feature of the iCloud storage is that whether you are connected to the internet or not, you still have access to your files. Many iCloud storage reviews will tell you also that a calendar, an address book, and an email client that is integrated is providing by this service, and they all can be kept synced throughout your devices which are iCloud compatible.

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Store Any File

Although iCloud storage can sync and store almost all types of files, there is a caveat to this versatility. In order to successfully get data files and documents stored in iCloud, you are expected to buy Apple’s apps for iWork like Numbers, Pages, and Keynote. These apps permit you to create presentations, word documents, and spreadsheets.

Up to Date Files

What iCloud now does is to ensure that these files are kept up-to-date on the web and on your devices. The process involved requires that you get your files stored on your email account, attach the document or file to an email and either save it as a draft or send it to yourself. However, it is not really convenient making use of this attachment technique.


As you can imagine, keeping a track of multiple documents and files through this method is quite cumbersome and difficult. If you want to go to iCloud as your choice service for cloud services, it would be advisable to buy the iWork apps. The iCloud storage price is affordable. The only catch there is that a few users might get rankled trying to first use or gets to upgrade iCloud storage.

Apple is reputed to have effectively used iTunes to corner the digital media market. It is no surprise that almost all iCloud reviews unanimously agree that iCloud’s excellence lies in media. No user would be surprised that iCloud’s design is seamlessly integrated with the media player.

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Automatic Connectivity

With this cloud service, any new TV shows, movies, or music that you buy from iTunes are wirelessly and automatically sent to all the devices which you own and/or use. This completely eliminates the cumbersome process of relying on cords to get any media uploaded to any of your devices. However, your songs would still have to be stored in order to be played. In actual fact, the bulk of the files and documents that you get stored through iCloud storage are preserved on your devices and only sent to you through the cloud.

Although you can stream, edit and view files by using iCloud, sharing of files is a very different activity altogether. The cloud service is designed much more for getting files shared with yourself and not with others. This means that iCloud is not a very good option for those whose priorities are file sharing or collaboration.

Access to mobile


Access to iCloud is within the boundaries of the Apple ecosystem. This means that the cloud service has compatibility with the iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, and with all future iOS devices. A Mac can also be synced with iCloud and in a compromise that is very surprising a PC that is Windows-based.

Additionally, you can access your iCloud login account’s web interface from any web browser. Unfortunately, iCloud has very limited mobile accessibility. A user cannot access their iCloud login through a mobile browser and the service is completely unavailable on other competitor mobile devices like the Blackberry and Android.

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Usability ease

iCloud easily knock out the competition when it comes to its ease of use. Other iCloud reviews will attest to the fact that there is no difficulty in using other competing cloud services. But when it comes to the iCloud the process has been made extra simple. Your files are placed in one place and they do not require any management hands-on.

All that you need to do is save a file or download it once and it is available instantly on all of the devices you use. Navigation is easy and it is remarkably intuitive, uncomplicated, and accessible. Furthermore, like all of the products of Apple, iCloud is sophisticated, stylish, and sleek.


There is no doubt that the iCloud service works seamlessly and beautifully within the ecosystem of Apple. It is very user-friendly, robust, and sleek. If you are a small business or a consumer already making extensive use of Apple products, you are going to be able to have access to all of your digital media, documents, and files at any time and from any one of your devices from Apple without the need for manual sync to them.

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