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A Guide on How to Watch Netflix in Egypt

Netflix is a popular service that provides people access to their favorite TV shows and movies. It is a one-stop destination for movie buffs and TV show enthusiasts as Netflix allows them to watch all they want whenever they want for a small fee. The quality of the print is of the highest grade and all the latest movies and TV are available on Netflix almost as soon as they are released.


Currently, Netflix is available in the USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany, and many other countries. This leaves many countries in the world where people cannot access Netflix. Since Egypt is one of those countries, watching Netflix from Egypt is not easy. There are restrictions on the Egyptian populace’s internet usage as it is and with services like Netflix being unavailable to them, people don’t have a lot to be happy about. Although Egypt Netflix has not yet happened, there are ways to access the service from within the country.

How to Watch Netflix in Egypt

Netflix is a geo-restricted service, so like all other such services, it denies access to users if it finds them to be located outside the area of availability of the service. Netflix does so by finding a user’s location using their IP address. So all you need to do is hide your IP address from such trackers and pretend to be using the internet from a country where Netflix is available. Here are two ways you can do this:

  1. Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a simple way to hide your true location from any tracker. Netflix does this whenever you try to use its service and if you are found to be using the internet from a place where Netflix is unavailable then you are given an error message saying the content is not available in your country. When you use Smart DNS, your location will appear to be in a country where Netflix is available. Thus, you will be granted access.

Smart DNS does not slow down your connection speed. However, it does not allow you passage in all websites. Smart DNS hides your IP on certain websites, so it is better to choose a Smart DNS provider that clearly lists out the websites it can grant you access to.

  1. VPN

VPNs, like Smart DNS, mask the user’s true IP address from trackers and make it appear that he or she is accessing the internet from a different location than his true geographical location. There are, however, two major differences between VPNs and Smart DNS:

  • VPNs encrypt all the data on your connection. All VPN providers take you to your destination through an encrypted tunnel, hiding your identity and location. Since you can choose the country you want to pretend to be using the internet from, all you need to do is choose a server in the USA and you’re in.
  • VPNs cause reductions in your internet connection speeds as they take you to your destination through a longer path. There are VPNs, though, that offer great speeds. HideMyAss and Express VPN is amongst those you can use to unblock Netflix worldwide.


In this article, we discussed two ways of how to watch Netflix in Egypt. Both these ways can help you access Netflix from Egypt. Although Smart DNS does not cause a reduction in your internet connection speed, it does not guarantee that you will be provided access to all websites.

Using a VPN may result in slower speeds, but it offers the provision of unblocking any website as well as protects the data on your system. If you go for reputed VPNs like HideMyAss, even the speed drop is minimal.

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