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OneDrive Review

When it has to do with software products and IT, users have come to trust Microsoft. OneDrive is Microsoft’s answer for JustCloud or Dropbox which are solutions for cloud storage, syncing and online backup services. SkyDrive has been changed to OneDrive by Microsoft but the new name has still not caught on among many users.


In this OneDrive review, we shall stick with the usual name of OneDrive. In order to use OneDrive, a user would have to install a little app which would create a folder for OneDrive on their computer. Your OneDrive account would be synchronized with this folder, which would allow you to drag and drop any types of files in addition to editing those files online.


The Windows OneDrive app has compatibility with most of all the major platforms of operating systems that mobile and computer devices use. This comprises of iOS, Mac, Windows Mobile, and Windows. By visiting from your computer you can still make use of Microsoft OneDrive to access your files even if your device is not a Windows or Apple device.

In order to make use of OneDrive, you would need a Windows Live OneDrive account. Windows Live is the major email client of Microsoft. You can also access it from the lesser known Hotmail account. In such situations, some OneDrive reviews refer to the app as hotmail OneDrive and not Windows Live OneDrive. No matter by whatever name any OneDrive review calls it, it still refers to OneDrive.

In any case, it can be created free of any charge. If you want to run the OneDrive app on a Windows device, you would only need to put on the User Account Control which allows Microsoft OneDrive to be installed. From the Control Panel of the User Accounts any user can be directed with the process of installation.

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Sharing and Storage in the cloud

When your files are in your OneDrive they can be accessed from anywhere that you have an internet – enabled device. You can also do collaborative work with a team and share the files with people. Assuming you are performing some tasks on another person’s computer and require one of your files on the computer. You simply get it uploaded to OneDrive through the browser and you would not have to copy anything with a flash drive. When you return back home or at the office your file would be ready.

OneDrive offers its users free storage of up to 7GB. In terms of size and capacity Microsoft claims that this space is sufficient for the storage of 7,000 photographs and 20,000 Office documents. In the opinion of this OneDrive review, this storage space is enough for most people. 2GB of more space is offered by OneDrive over Google Drive.


OneDrive storage is also more than that of DropBox by 5GB. However, if you need more space than 7GB, then you can purchase the OneDrive Pro for either $10 a year for an additional 20GB; $25 a year for an additional 50GB; and $50 a year for an additional 100GB. 100GB is the maximum limit of OneDrive.

OneDrive Security


The security features on Windows OneDrive are fantastic. During download or upload your files are encrypted through the use of SSL. In addition, your files are kept safe through various electronic and physical measures when they are stored in the OneDrive server. In order to protect your files from any sort of hardware failure, various OneDrive servers store multiple copies of your files.

You need to bear some quantity of risks when you are using a cloud storage like OneDrive. This is because of the fact that you have to entrust your important data to a third party. However, there is no need to entertain any fears because any files stored on OneDrive is completely protected in the same manner that you safeguard data on your personal network.

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The difference in OneDrive

There are various ways that OneDrive is different from other solutions for cloud storage. One of the features that is unique with it is that it allows you to make edits to your files. In addition, documents stored on OneDrive can be edited when they are offline through the use of a compatible office software like Microsoft Office. Also, by using Microsoft’s free Office Web apps you can make edits online.

Another advantage of making use of the format for MS Office is that all your files can be edited and viewed offline on several devices through the use of various operating systems. The offline facility of most of OneDrive’s competitors like Google Drive has their limitations because they do not allow viewing or editing on a browser that is different. Rather such views and edits can only occur on their own browser.


Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the most complete types of solutions of cloud storage among the various solutions of cloud storage available. The clients of OneDrive cut across Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS device users. Its outstanding tech features are wonderful for business owners and casual users. It is an excellent alternative for data storage systems that are cloud-based.

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