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How To Jailbreak Apple TV – A Complete Guide

There is great news for everyone. An update has been made to SeasOnpass which would assist in getting Apple TV 2 jail broken without any difficulty running on iOS 6.1.4. Unfortunately, this tutorial cannot be used to jailbreak Apple TV 3. This guide is actually just for people who possess the second or first generation of Apple TV.


Perhaps the thought of purchasing and jail breaking an Apple TV has crossed your mind. But ask yourself, if it is really beneficial to have to go through such a trouble? What is really involved? Would you be able to watch every month without paying any fees all those movies on demand and movie channels and live TV?

What a Jailbreak Is?

The process by which the iOS which is Apple’s operating system undergoes a conversion for it to manage codes that are unknown with the aim of gaining access to apps is referred to as jailbreak. What it accomplishes is to enable you to have softwares installed on your Apple TV device that are not designed by Apple.

Advantages in getting your Apple TV jail broken

When a jailbreak has been completed the benefits you deserve to experience are:

  1. An Apple TV that has been jail broken is capable of giving better functionality which a standard one is not capable of giving.
  2. Your ability to have installed third party tools on your Apple TV and get any ATV files modified is by far the best benefit.
  3. A third party tool that enables you to experiment with your Apple TV’s new apps is Firecore.
  4. Various media from other devices of iOS can be streamed through the use of AirPlay.
  5. Pandora Radio, Nito TV, XMBC, LastFM, Hulu, and various other apps can be installed.
  6. In less than an hour, people who are not tech savvy can get their Apple TVs jail broken.

Disadvantages of jail breaking Apple TV

There are little disadvantages in getting Apple TV jail broken. Through a simple restore in iTunes, the process of jailbreak can be reversed completely. The major disadvantage is that your device could crash and sometimes you are required to restore it or resume whenever you get your Apple TV jail broken.

The legality of jail breaking Apple TV

Do not entertain any fears, because the entire jail breaking process if completely legal. Previously, the federal Government for a very long time regarded jail break as an illegal offence based on a copyright suit. However, a guide which gave legality to jailbreak was passed by the Federal Government in the summer of 2010.

How To Jailbreak Apple TV which runs iOS 5.3/6.1

By adopting the under listed instructions, your Apple TV can be jail broken. However, note that third party applications have to be separately installed and that the third generation of the Apple TV is presently not supported by this process.

  1. Get the Seas0nPass downloaded from here – Mac [10.6 or later version], Windows [XP or later version].
  2. Get the latest version of iTunes downloaded from here.
  3. To complete the jailbreak process would require a micro USB cable.
  4. iPads, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices should be disconnected from your computer.
  5. Get the Seas0npass application opened on your PC and click on the button for Create IPSW. The program at this point would get the latest version of iOS 5.3 for Apple TV downloaded and would get a customipsw
  6. By the use of a micro USB cable, get your Apple TV connected to your computer, however do not get it connected to a source of power. When the light from the indicator on the Apple TV flashes, you point at it the remote and press simultaneously the Menu + Home buttons for 7 seconds.
  7. Once the DFU Mode is entered by the device, automatically iTunes would open and commence installation with Seas0npass of the customipswon completion of installation, get your Apple TV connected to a television and a source of power. Everything would now function normally.
  8. After the successful installation of the ipsw, a confirmation would be made by iTunes and the settings icon would be visible on the Apple TV interface.
  9. Take note that because we are referring to a jailbreak that is untethered, we DO NOT make use of the computer any time your Apple TV is turned on. Additionally, all the applications we desire can be installed.


In order to make your Apple TV more functional and enjoyable, it is recommended that you jail break it. The process of jailbreaking an Apple TV is not difficult. As of now, the only versions of the Apple TV that can be jail broken are the earlier versions. Apple TV 3 cannot be jail broken. Remember, if you now know how to jailbreak Apple TV, so that is not an illegal or unlawful offence.

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