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How to Watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV

Smart TVs combine a host of features to make the experience of using a TV more than just watching TV channels. Samsung Smart TVs combine internet apps with the television services in order to bring you a richer experience. With apps like Samsung Netflix App, you can watch the latest TV shows and movies on your Smart TV without needing to transfer the content from a secondary device.

How To Watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV

Whenever you purchase a Samsung Smart TV it comes with a host of apps that are pre-installed. Netflix is one of those pre-installed apps. But this might not be the case depending on where you are located in the world. If you have it pre-installed then simply open the app from the pre-installed app list and stream all you want. If you don’t have it installed then go to your smart TV store and download and install the app manually. You can then stream your content on your TV, provided you have a Netflix subscription.

Although this helps you watch Netflix on your Samsung smart TV, it cannot help you if you are located outside the coverage area of Netflix. Netflix is a geo-restricted service available only in the USA, Canada, and Britons. If you are in any other part of the world then you won’t be able to stream the content. We discuss two methods to get around this block:

  1. VPN

Geo-restricted services track your location using your IP address. A VPN hides your true IP address and shows the IP address of its server as your IP address. While using a VPN you are connected to the internet through one of the servers of the VPN. This connection is encrypted in that all traffic is encrypted, keeping your data safe.

The feature of choosing your own server helps you choose a server to help you pretend to be in another location of your choice. You can simply connect to an American server to pretend to be using the internet from the USA and unblock Netflix. Once you have subscribed to a VPN from your computer, you need to set it up on your smart TV. To set up a VPN on your smart TV:

  • Open Network and Sharing Center on your computer
  • Click on your Internet connection
  • Then click on Properties in the window that appears
  • Go to the Sharing Tab in the next window
  • Then select the checkbox for ‘Allow other networks to connect through this computer’. On the drop-down list for the same, choose Ethernet if you are using Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi if you are using Ethernet internet connection. The VPN connection will now be established on your Smart TV

There are many VPNs out in the market, but we would recommend using one that has servers in many locations across the world as well as offers high connection speeds and reliability. HideMyAss Pro is the best in this respect.

  1. Smart DNS

Smart DNS works in a similar fashion as a VPN. It also hides your IP address and helps you pretend to be using the internet from a different location, which helps you access geo-restricted services like Netflix. The only difference is that it does not encrypt all the internet traffic. To set up a Smart DNS for Samsung Smart TV Netflix, follow these steps:

  • Press Menu on your remote, go to Network and select Network Status
  • Choose DNS Setting on IP setting option and then select Enter Manually
  • Enter the DNS number for your subscription here and then hit OK
  • Restart your Smart TV. After it restarts, the Smart DNS will be configured on your TV


Both the methods discussed above can be used to watch Netflix on Samsung smart TV. While Smart DNS is much faster than VPN connections, it does not have the added feature of protecting your data while you are on the internet. We leave the decision to you.

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