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Over the last couple of years internet privacy has become a burning issue. These days, internet users want to be able to safely and privately browse. This is the major reason why many people decide to take a StrongVPN trial.  On the internet strongVPN client is reputed to be one of the best.


The StrongVPN client is powered and supported by a number of networks which is large and customizable and renders numerous benefits to users of the internet who have their major concerns to be privacy and security. In this StrongVPN review, most of the common uses for a VPN would be broken down as well as its merits over the competition.

Why choose a VPN?


Perhaps you might be one of the very skeptical users of the internet who wonder what you might require a VPN service for. This is because in your view you can already get decent speeds of connection once you link with the internet. Who should be bothering about another layer that can slow down things considerably?

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Well, the most common reasons why any internet user requires a VPN like StrongVPN are:

  1. The need for additional security – a virtual tunnel would be created between the computers of StrongVPN and your own. This would serve as an additional layer of security. For a lot of people this is a concern that is huge, especially for users who remit huge quantities of information through the Internet or those who do not want to lose their identity online.
  2. Serve as a virtual firewall – StrongVPN reviews reveal that they can ensure that your IP addresses can be kept hidden. Most cyberattacks are directed to the IP address of a computer. The StrongVPN account works as a firewall between the people who plan on attacking it and your computer.
  3. Surfing anonymously – with the StrongVPN a user is permitted to anonymously surf the internet. Criminals normally track and hack people’s IP addresses. Using a VPN will ensure that your IP address is not known, thereby protecting your identity on the internet.
  4. Shopping from other countries – with the StrongVPN it is possible to surf and shop from other countries. If you live abroad, you would know that a lot of these websites are blocked from users outside the geographical locations of the US, UK, and Canada, and so on. However, with the use of StrongVPN you can gain access to those sites.
  5. Safety while using Wi-Fi sites – using this service on public Wi-Fi websites are going to protect your online activity. Your passwords and details of your login would be kept safe by public Wi-Fi.
  6. Better rates available on Skype – you benefit from better rates while on Skype. Your IP address is used by Skype to determine the destination you are in while making a call. Obviously for domestic calls the rates would be cheaper. This is why a service like StrongVPN you can get rates for domestic calls even when you make calls from abroad. By making a lot of use from abroad the service would pay for itself.
  7. Restricted sites can be unblocked – the internet is censored and blocked by several countries around the world. StrongVPN would allow you to have access to these sites that are restricted which is a benefit that is huge for those that live in such countries.
  8. Works like a better proxy – a lot of people attempt the same results with a free proxy. While making use of proxies, you might be offered some anonymity level. However, they do not have even up to half of the encryption level of a VPN like StrongVPN.

Why is Strong VPN a Choice that is popular

Now that you are aware of the easiest reasons for their use, it is necessary for this StrongVPN review to reveal the benefits of this outfit that is very popular. This VPN is recommended strongly by a lot of internet users because of the following reasons:

They have experience

Since 1994 StrongVPN has been around. They have expanded into a global company with a lot of users all over the world. There are not many companies with their level of experience. It is worth trying the StrongVPN trial to confirm their age of experience.

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Support of many protocols

SSTP, PPTP/L2TP, and Open VPN SSL are supported by StrongVPN. This means it can perform well on a variety of platforms and devices.

Operates well with most platforms and OS

You can make use of StrongVPN setup on popular devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and so on.

IP addresses and countries are in multitudes


Over 500 servers located in more than 22 different countries are owned by StrongVPN. Unlike other providers you can be given a static IP.

Pricing and packages customizable


A user can select from a variety of packages that would suit almost all budgets and needs. For just $7 a month, the basic package can be purchased. The company has seven packages that are different for a user to select from, offering them a wider range of flexibility.

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No records are kept

StrongVPN only retains temporary records of your activity on the internet and no logs that are permanent. This ensures that your details cannot be used against you.

Multiple methods of payment

Almost any method of payment is accepted by StrongVPN.

Superb customer service


Apart from email and Skype, you can also contact their representatives through a live chat on their website 24/7. They also provide remote assistance with TeamViewer.

The disadvantages of StrongVPN

For a StrongVPN review to be objective there must be some forms of disadvantages noticed while making use of the system. And there are, but luckily these are not so many.

  • Some users have claimed that the speed of their internet slowed down while they were making use of StrongVPN. However, because it is not known to throttle servers it is unlikely to affect the speed of your computer. If there appears to be problems with your internet speed, there a lot of advice you can follow. Any problem that occurs can be easily rectified by their instructions and/or 24/7 customer service which is live.


The advantages and benefits in support of the use of StrongVPN far outnumber the reasons why it should not be used. In these days where a lot of services claim to be what they are not, StrongVPN has continued to prove that they are exactly what internet user need while using the internet – strong, reliable, and efficient.

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