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The Other Side of the Pond: How to watch UK Netflix Outside UK

Netflix, a global name in streaming movies and television shows, is under fire. Not only does this company block access to its site from outside the US, but also outside the UK as well. And the fact that the only element that Netflix uses to block content is an IP address makes them the most talked about Geo-blocked site on the web today.


Why you need to watch UK Netflix outside UK?

Did you know that not only does Netflix block content from other countries but their content is also Geo specific as well? What this means is that what you watch on Netflix in the US is not what you watch on Netflix in the UK. So if you’re from the UK, and you travel abroad, what is in your Netflix cue may be blocked. Luckily there are ways around this that are fairly simple to utilize.

Methods to Unblock UK Netflix Outside UK

The methods used to watch Netflix from anywhere in the world are universal. But with Netflix UK, there’s a slight difference. No matter what method you use – VPN, Smart DNS or Proxy servers- you need to make sure that the IP address you use comes from the UK. Netflix has set this in stone; UK content is viewed solely from an IP address from the UK. So when you choose the method, even if you use a US IP address, you still won’t be able to watch UK Netflix. Even if you have a Netflix account in the US, you won’t see the UK library let alone watch any of it.

Assuming you already have a Netflix account, let’s take a peek at some of the ways to watch UK Netflix outside UK.

1- Using a Virtual Private Network

With a VPN, accessing UK Netflix is a walk in the park. Many of the top VPN providers have servers based in the UK. So, from anywhere in the world, using one of these servers through your VPN will provide you with an IP address that tells Netflix that you are from the UK.

We recommend HideMyAss as the top option, the beauty of this VPN is that it is usable on many devices and operating systems. Once you have signed up for a HMA VPN service, choose the UK as your country. Install the software and, voila! You are now watching UK Netflix from anywhere.

2- SmartDNS

Next to a VPN, SmartDNS is a viable and worthy method of accessing UK Netflix outside UK. Based on a proxy server principle, SmartDNS uses a library of IP addresses in order for you to unblock blocked sites. Smart DNS service allows users to access the internet without having to utilize a VPN, making this a much more affordable option.

SmartDNS works on all operating system and all devices including gaming consoles. A word of advice: make sure the Smart DNS service does not collect and store your traffic information. Smart DNS has great support and is quite comparable to a VPN.

3- A word about proxies

Proxies are ideal if you’re not concerned too much about privacy and anonymity. Usually free proxies work by acting as a mediator between your IP address and that of the host server. Like a bodyguard, the Proxy server asks the UK Netflix servers to access your account by saying that it’s you, and you are home in the UK.

The biggest problem with Proxy servers is there’s no encryption of your data. Support for proxy sites is limited, and many proxy sites have limited to website access. So if UK Netflix is not accessible, then tough luck.

Bottom Line

The bottom line of watching UK Netflix outside UK is this: whichever method you use, make certain that the IP address you use comes from a server in the UK. Since Netflix UK content is specific to the UK only, an IP address from anywhere else other than the UK will not work. Always do your homework before embarking on any anonymous venture into Geo-blocked regions.

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