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A Guide to Secure Your Dropbox Account

Dropbox is one the most widely used cloud storage services today. It provides client software for Windows, Mac-OS, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, etc. It provides a huge space for storing and sharing documents, making it a useful file backup as well as sharing service.

What is Dropbox and How Secure is Dropbox

However, since it is a single cloud storage collection of all your documents, which might contain sensitive data that you may want to keep a backup of, its compromising can cause a lot of problems. Hackers and attackers target services like these to cause trouble. Accounts can be compromised easily and Dropbox itself had a glitch once when it allowed access to all accounts without requiring a password for several hours.

These dangers call for a method to ensure that your data is safe on Dropbox and your identity is kept private. Protection against unauthorized access and data theft are the primary concerns for users today. In this article, we list some methods to help you secure your Dropbox account.

Ways to Secure your Dropbox Account

  1. Two-step verification

You can enable a two-step authentication process for your Dropbox account, similar to how you can enable a two-step authentication process for accessing your email id. You will be asked to enter your Dropbox login password as well as an SMS verification code send to your mobile device.

  1. Enable email notifications

This is a simple way to know whether your Dropbox account is being accessed by an unauthorized user. Enabling email notifications means that you would be sent an email to your registered email address whenever you add a new device or app to your Dropbox account. Although this means that you will be bothered by an email when you knowingly connect a new device to your account, as well as there is a high chance that any hacker accessing your account will most likely disable this option, it is a simple defence mechanism that just might help you.

  1. Manage Apps Linked to your Account

There are many third-party apps that users integrate with their Dropbox accounts. These apps require full access to the account and retain that control even if the user stops using them. This can prove fatal if the app itself is hacked into by someone. To protect yourself against unnecessary damage, revoke the access of such apps by clicking on the My Apps tab on the settings page and then clicking on the X next to the app in the list.

  1. Encrypt Files

The best way to ensure that your Dropbox files are safe even when your account or system is compromised is to encrypt the files on your account. Dropbox does not have its own encryption features, but mobile apps like BoxCryptor are a good way to go about the Dropbox encryption process.

End Note

Dropbox is quite a useful service, but it can become a thorn in your toe rather than an asset if your data on your account is compromised. The methods discussed above are some of the easiest methods to secure your Dropbox account so that you are protected from the attacks of notorious hackers who want to cause trouble.

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