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A lot of people may not be aware of this but a VPN means a Virtual Private Network. It was begun a long time ago by people whom are not really known by the general public. This is a concept which you would agree is quite awesome because it simply tries to make an extension of our own private networks over any network in the public like the internet and still feel safe and secure in that process.

The process of creating point to point connections through the utilization of encryption and/or connection points that are dedicated is what a VPN is all about. As the evolution of securities and technology have continued so have the technology of VPN improved. Protection and security have been afforded to messages through authentication methodologies, encryption, and tunneling protocols.

For us the users the questions we would want answers for are – how perfect is its performance? What is its speed in getting our goals accomplished? Is it reliable? Are their services good? What does it cost? These are all necessary questions and it appears that VyprVPN is on top of providing good solutions to them all.

What makes VyprVPN different?

A factor which makes the VyprVPN different has to do with the packages that they offer. The VyprVPN offers three different price points for three different packages. This enables any user to get VyprVPN setup selected at the plan which best suits your needs. The different plans that VyprVPN setup has are:

  1. Standard Plan – this costs $6.67 monthly. This plan has PPTP and 128 – bit encryption. Possesses Dump truck, VyprVPN desktop and mobile apps, and up to 10GB of online storage.
  2. Pro Plan – this costs $8.33 monthly. This plan has PPTP and 128 – bit encryption. Possesses Dump truck, VyprVPN desktop, and up to 10GB of online storage. Offers you two connections simultaneously – L2TP/IPsec and Open/VPN SSL. Also has VyprVPN mobile apps for iOS and Android, in addition to 15GB of extra storage. Features as many as three connections simultaneously at any given time.
  3. Premier Plan – this costs $10 monthly. Has all the Pro Plan features and an additional 25GB of storage plus 50GB of storage of Dump Truck online.


From the three plans above, you would discover that the plan that is the deal is the premier Plan.

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VyprVPN Features


Free 3 Days Trial

Golden Frog has their product backed by their free trial. So, you can get their 3 days free trial and if you are not pleased with their VyprVPN servers or service you would shift to other VPN.

Option for month to month service

Golden Frog would not want to tie you down perpetually. As a result they provide you with a month by month commitment. That way you can cancel anytime you choose.


Golden Frog ensures that you are never abandoned to be on your own. You can get support always, every time of the day, week, and year, 24/7/365. Their offices are always open and there is always someone to attend to you.

Privacy end to end

This level of privacy cannot be assured by all providers of vpn. The reason is that the makers of VyprVPN (Golden Frog) are the owners of all their servers and their network is managed by them. This ensures maximum security, protection and privacy like never before.

Download is unlimited

With VyprVPn download you can securely and safely get as much content as you require. Other selling points that make the VyprVPN reviews to be outstanding are:

  • Their mobile version is almost unparallel.
  • VyprVPN is compatible across most solutions for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • All the way around the world there is minimal speed variability.
  • There is the availability of variable encryption.

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Who are the makers of VyprVPN?

The company behind the VyprVPN is Golden Frog. They have been around in the VPN industry since 1994 and have continued to remain in the top positions of the industry. They exist in over 200 countries. Their product the VyprVPN service must be excellent considering that kind of client base which is ongoing, backing, and their history as well.

Why should anyone want to VyprVPN reviewed and setup?


There are many reasons why a potential user would want to check out and perhaps give VyprVPN reviews a second thought. VyprVPN servers span all through the world with some clusters around Europe, Asia, North America, Oceania and South America. This continues to grow at a regular pace. Their capabilities for longevity and being futuristic are impressive.


From the get-go, it is very obvious that we like this service provider of VPN which is why we have taken the effort to write out this VyprVPN review. This VPN service is truly remarkable and is one that would surely give you a service that is friendly and reliable at a price that is great.


Based on our own personal analysis as well as those of others, it is very easy and simple to use and it is very user friendly. If you happen to be new in the world of VPN or if you get lost along the way, there are available tutorials which would walk you through.

We all know that there is no perfection anywhere. This is why it would be necessary for us to make some suggestions in this VyprVPN review. Golden Frog should allow for a longer period of guarantee that is much longer. This enable the user to have a greater chance to test drive the VprVPN.

This is however being offset by the mode of payment not being contractual. Additionally, it would be appropriate for some form of error messages be provided. Apart from these observations, VprVPN is a great service to subscribe for.

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