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US Netflix in UK – A Complete Guide for Beginners

A very common complaint from customers of Netflix in the UK is that they are not able to watch US Netflix in UK. This means that users of Netflix in the UK do not have access to similar content like those who are based in the US. Streaming service which are competitive to US Netflix in UK like Now TV, Sky Store from Sky, and Amazon Prime Video have all taken up exclusivity rights.


If it was possible to get US Neflix in UK then it would have been possible to watch cult favorites like American Horror Story and Mad Men while still being based in the UK. But it is not possible. This is because the content deals between UK television channels and the producers in the US have complex deals in regards to licensing, and much of it is just not clear.

The entire process of licensing is that a viewer’s location at any given point in time would determine what they would have access to. This is why getting American Netflix in UK is almost impossible if not for the work of geniuses who have devised ways for viewers to unblock US Netflix in UK.

How a user can receive US Netflix in UK

Step 1: Download the browser plug-in for the Hola unblocker. This works perfectly well with Android OS, Firefox, and Chrome. You would click on Download at the website for hola.org and get the plug-in installed. If it is Chrome that you are making use of, Options should be clicked and then Extensions. In the web store for Chrome, look for Hola Unblocker, and then the Free button should be clicked in the section for Extensions not Apps.

Step 2: You now visit the Netflix website. There is the likelihood that the plug-in will discover your location and request to switch it to US or it could proceed automatically to do so. Whichever method is adopted, a whole bunch of content would be seen by you which is technically and usually beyond limits to viewers in the UK. Click on the small icon at the top of the window for the browser assuming that the browser does not work. An option should appear for you to try to use a different server.

Assuming that you desire to return back to watching UK Netflix such as watching content from the BBC iplayer which is normally unavailable to US viewers, Hola should just be switched off and the page reloaded.

How to get US Netflix in UK via Android, Apple TV, Playstation, Xbox

If you wish to watch US Netflix in UK on Playstation or Xbox then you must have to tamper with some of the settings for DNS. On your device or console, go over to the network settings and then manually configure the settings whereby you can insert the numbers for the secondary and primary Domain Name Servers (DNS).

The internet can be searched for these because they are regularly changing. A website like Droid Kit has a list which is updated and good. Even though they are free, occasionally they get slowed down and clogged up.

If however you experience any discomfort or difficulties with getting any of the free ones to work, then you can simply subscribe for a service known as Unblock-US. It has a free trial which you can test run before fully getting committed. When you are ready, you can pay for the monthly subscription which is at a cost of $4.99 every month. and are the server numbers that you would require.

A lot of the devices like iOS, Android, media streamers, games consoles, and so on are all compatible with Unblock Us. The website equally has simple to use guides that clearly explain how your settings for DNS can be changed on different devices. A simple reboot of your device would rectify things easily assuming you encounter any problems.


For viewers abroad, there is no need to be worried if you cannot watch US Netflix in UK anymore. With services like hola.org, Droid Kit, and/or Unblock US, you are assured of having access to those top-notch media content more often than before. Of all of them, Unblock-US appears to be the best and most efficient option. And the cost of this service is worth the benefits that you seek to derive.

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