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Bypass Internet Censorship in China

Censorship in China has been an ever-present downside for people living in the country. Massive chunks of the internet have been banned by the Communist Party of China, and all internet activity of the residents is being constantly monitored. The country has always had the Great Wall of China, but it has been a long time now since they installed the Great Firewall of China, much to the peoples’ dismay.

Although many people had found a way around these website blockades using a VPN proxy or proxy websites, the Chinese government has now taken on the task of meddling with VPNs and proxy servers as well, making life even more difficult for the people living in China. Here is a look at some methods to bypass internet censorship in China:

Using a VPN

Although that government has poked its nose in some VPN providers, there are many that still provide internet bypass to blocked websites in China. VPNs mask your identity by establishing a connection between your system and one of their servers. These lead to your geographical location appearing different, thereby allowing you to bypass internet filters. They even encrypt all traffic. Since VPNs are used for setting up networks in companies as well, it is not feasible for the government to shut down the service completely.

For people who want lightning fast and never dropping connections, HideMyAss VPN is a good option. With over 890 servers in countries all over the world, customers using this service never face the problem of finding a server. Connections are established in the blink of an eye. It is one of the best ways to bypass internet censorship in China.

Using DNS Servers

There are some internet service providers that filter data by changing their DNS servers, thereby redirecting any and all requests to a blocked website to a different website. This works fine if redirection of requests by DNS server change is allowed. It is a simple way to achieve internet bypass, but it is subject to the requirement that redirection of requests is not banned.

Using Tor

Tor is the most effective way to bypass internet filters anywhere in the world. It basically routes your browser over an encrypted network till it comes out at a location where there are no filters or bans. Although Tors should not be used to access unencrypted and sensitive data, it will grant you access on any network. Where services like VPNs, Proxies or SSH fail, Tor always comes out victorious.

However, there is a huge trade-off in connection speed when Tor is used. That is why most users don’t use Tor for their everyday internet browsing since it reduces the speed drastically. However, in countries like China and Iran, it is the one sure-shot way to bypass internet filters.


This is the least likely method to work in a country like China that focusses so heavily on internet censorship, but it might just work for some websites. Proxies are a free to use service where a user simply needs to type the name of the website he wants to access and the proxy website takes him to it via a proxy server. Apart from failing to do so on numerous occasions due to the proxy itself being blocked, such websites also introduce advertisements on proxy websites to generate some revenue.

Nobody likes to be robbed off their right to access the internet without any restriction, yet countries all over the world are emphasizing heavily on internet censorship and banning. China is at the head of the procession, but other countries are swiftly following. Using these methods, you can not only bypass internet censorship in China but anywhere in the world.

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