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One of the most popular service providers in the VPN industry is IPVanish. In spite of the harsh competition and numerous firms entering the market, IPVanish has been successful in maintaining and retaining their position as a market leader. They are just one out of about a handful of companies which have a history that is substantial and relevant in the industry today. A lot of them have come and gone. However for over 15 years in a row, IPVanish has still been in the game.


Why users continue to give great IPVanish reviews

Why is IPVanish so well revered? Why is IPVanish vpn regarded as good? These questions would be on any one’s mind as they go through any of IPVanish reviews. Well, these are some of the reasons why IPVanish reviews continue to be so wonderful.

  1. They have numerous IPs
  2. Their connectivity is secure.
  3. They offer optimal and excellent customer and technical support.
  4. They offer accessibility that is unrestricted.
  5. Their servers are geographically scattered and not concentrated in one location.
  6. They offer features which are diversified.
  7. Their package plans are competitive.

Do you still want to know more reasons why IPVanish reviews are always positive? Well, the most important by far would be that as a result of their superb features and abilities, users can continue to avoid being detected while browsing on the internet. By so doing, these users can browse anonymously and avoid getting censored on the internet. Isn’t that wonderful? Can you now see why lots of users continue to give great IPVanish reviews? I am sure that if you were to use their service today you would not hesitate in giving a very positive IPVanish review. They are worth it.

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Pricing and Plans for IPVanish


Now that you are already familiar with the history of IPVanish as well as their features, it would be great to dig deeper to look at their pricing and plans. Bear in mind that no matter the plan that you choose, what any user like you and me is actually paying for is something which is invaluable – privacy. Yes, this is the cornerstone and the foundation of everything that IPVanish vpn stands for. You are assured of absolute privacy while making use of their services.

As of today, IPVanish vpn has three types of plans and they are listed below:

  1. One month plan: under this plan, a user has access to just a month of their service. It costs just $10 per month.
  2. Three months plan: under this plan, a user gets to use their service for three months. The cost of this plan is $26.99, which is $8.99 per month.
  3. One year plan: under this plan, a user of IPVanish gets to use their service for a complete year at the cost of $77.99. This translates into a cost of $6.49 every month.

From the above plans, you would observe that the best value is contained in the One Year Plan. Under this plan, even though a user gets to pay as high as $77.99 upfront, this translates to just $6.49 every month. This cannot be compared to paying $10 on the One Month plan.

Normally, what some first time users do after going through an IPVanish review like this one is to purchase the One month plan to satisfy their curiosity. Once they have done so and they experience all of the features that were listed above, they would rush over to the IPVanish vpn site and purchase the One year plan. And as confirmed believers, they would look for where to also give their own IPVanish review.


It is also a good thing to note that IPVanish does not discriminate when it comes to offering their services among their different users. It does not matter on what plan you are on. Whether it is the yearly, quarterly, or monthly plan that you might have subscribed for, IPVanish ensures that you would get the same type of service. This is very much unlike other VPN service providers who discriminate amongst plan users.

IPVanish also promises its users 100 percent security online, as well as a policy of clear no-logs. Besides, they do not place a limitation on the bandwidth that they offer to their subscribers. All of their product plans have VOIP support and Wi-Fi hotspot protection. And to further convince would-be subscribers to patronize them, IPVanish offers 7 days money back guarantee.

Payment Options

Do you know that IPVanish has a variety of options to select from when you want to subscribe for their excellent VPN services? Yes, they do. As a first time user, you can make your pick from any of the following payment modes:

  1. All major credit cards like JCB, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and VISA.
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Paypal

Trial Period is Free and there is a Money back Guarantee

Do you recall the trial period that I spoke about? Well, in addition to that they also offer a seven day money back guarantee. This means that if for any reason you are not satisfied with their services (but I seriously doubt that would happen), you can simply get a complete refund from them if you cancel within the first seven days.

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Locations of servers and the network of IPVanish


Whenever anyone is looking for an excellent service for VPN, it is necessary to pay close attention to the locations of the servers. In my opinion, IPVanish provides a very good performance all over the world. Over time, IPVanish continues to beat other VPN services in terms of speed. Their already large network just continues to grow and grow. They just never stop expanding.

To give you a better idea of their size, as of today, they have the following:

  • Protocols – OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP
  • IPs – 14,000+
  • Servers – 140+
  • Countries – 60+

The company is really not relenting. They have continued to expand the locations of their servers which make them have one of the largest network. At 63 countries, there is almost no major country that they do not serve from Albania to Austria, Belarus to Bulgaria, Canada to the Czech Republic, Japan, Malaysia, Slovenia to Switzerland, US, UK, and so on.

And they just keep on expanding on a regular basis. With such wonderful statistics owned by just one company, tell me why IPVanish reviews would not just keep on getting better by the day?

Security and Privacy


If any service is having superb clientele or even the fastest service, as long as it cannot guarantee your privacy and ensure your connection to the internet is secure, then it is completely useless. But this is not the situation with IPVanish. On their website, they do not just secure your privacy online, they equally state clearly their policy on logging.

L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols are supported by IPVanish. Their OpenVPN implementation utilizes an encryption that is 256-bit in size, thereby allowing for UDP and TCP connections. For the best performance it is advisable to make use of UDP. In order to further ensure a user remains anonymous while several users may be using the same IP, IPVanish makes use of shared dynamic IP addresses.

Furthermore, in terms of getting your system secured, IPVanish adds to all of its accounts a NAT firewall. This particular feature is one which other vpn providers do not support. And those that provide it do so at an extra cost. This NAT firewall assists in blocking out traffic that is inbound. By so doing, it protects your system from any outside attacks or hacks.

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Testing IPVanish Hands On


IPVanish delivers when it comes to providing rich clientele with a user interface that is easy to use. For Mac and Windows they provide client software that is free, in addition to iOS and Android mobile apps that are free. Below are a series of tests undertaken during the IPVanish review:

  1. Making a connection with the Windows Client VPN

When you get to sign into the IPVanish version 2.0 client designed for Windows, you will be presented a number of options by the software for the choice of your server’s location. The best way is to go to the tab on the left hand side of the screen for “Server Location”. At that point you can select a location by using the tab at the right for Map.

You can then make a selection of a server on the basis of “By Use” or you view a full list of the servers. When you have seen the location you require, you simply right-click on it and the server would connect for you.

  1. Connection with the client for Mac VPN

A Mac client for members has been developed by IPVanish. Tunnelbick is equally supported. However, the IPVanish software is of preference because their client is easy to make use of. Its interface is clean and enables you to get servers sorted out on the basis of response time, country, or city. You can connect the software from a MacBook Pro.

  1. Connection with the APP for Android.

Connecting your Android tablet or mobile phone with IPVanish is easy. You can download IPVanish app free of charge from the Google Play Store. Regardless of what device they are using all members will receive unlimited bandwidth. They are also granted two connections which are cool when you are on a trip.

By using just one account it is very easy to connect from your phone to your laptop easily. To connect to the app, you just tap to connect on any server. Afterwards you can view the connection time, total data downloaded and uploaded, and speed of the season.

  1. Connection using iPad and iPhone

A free iOS app for members is provided by IPVanish. This can be directly downloaded from the Apple iTunes App store. At least iOS 7.0 is required. The app will work fine with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. It has been optimized for iPhone5 and saves the user time.

Rather than getting to enter the server and details of the protocol you allow the configuration to be taken care of by the app. After selecting the location of the server your app will establish a profile on your iPad or iPhone with the VPN you desire. Afterwards you can get to enable the connection to the VPN whenever you want to.

  1. Speed Testing IPVanish

Recall that this IPVanish review started with information about how fast that this vpn was when you make comparisons between it and other vpn services? Well, when you get connected on IPVanish your connection is going to be maxing out even with the additional layers of encryption.

  1. IP Address check

A review of IPVanish would be inconclusive if we do not conduct fundamental tests like performance. But privacy is very important because that is the only way you are going to be sure that the VPN service offers protection and anonymity from threats outside. Once connected, your desired city must be showing.

  1. Testing for DNS Leak

Any user would want to ensure that their DNS setting do not get leaked by their VPN provider during a connection. If the test comes back clean it would mean your vpn is not getting your DNS information leaked.

  1. Testing Netflix and HBO Go.

In the former tests we have made sure that the location of our IP Address was correct and there was no leak to our DNS. For privacy purposes, this is great. Next is that we test IPVanish for sites that stream media content like HBO Go and Netflix. When you try this IPVanish is going to pass with excellent colours. You would not have any problem with this service considering the service speed.

The solution to being able to access services such as Netflix and HBO Go is to get and maintain an IP address in the proper location. That would mean United States for both services. In order to test this is very easy. For any website that is based in the US, you simply connect to a server of IPVanish in the US. From there you can see sites like Pandora, Hulu, Amazon Video, Netflix, HBO Go, and so on. Indeed, you would still need to open an account with some of them.


How is our IPVanish review going? I am sure that you can see that I am not just a fan of the services of VPN. I am completely hooked on IPVanish for so many obvious reasons. Apart from their reliability and speed, their server locations are large. And these amazing features are all bundled into prices which are low. From as little as $6.49 every month you can begin to enjoy unlimited VPN.

In my opinion, their best selling points are:

  • The payment options are wide, and comprise even bitcoin.
  • They have mobile apps and client softwares.
  • There is the availability of protection from NAT firewall.
  • For better privacy they offer shared and dynamic IPs.
  • The protocols include L2TP, PPTP, and Open VPN (UDP, TCP)
  • There is access that is unlimited to a large network of servers.

Some services which could be added or improved upon by IPVanish would comprise of:

  • Including a service such as email encryption
  • Providing as a paid add-on dedicated IP.

Just like with any service provider of VPN, you would want to try out IPVanish on your own. For the best pricing you should visit their special offer page. If you want to try IPVanish, you can be rest assured that their 7 day money back guarantee is protecting you. Assuming you discover that your needs are not being met by their services, you simply cancel and get a full refund. But I do not think that this would happen.

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