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How to Watch Netflix in Japan – Opening the Pandora Box

Netflix is a service that gives people the access to their favorite TV shows and movies all in one location. It is basically one big honeypot for movie buffs and TV show enthusiasts who can watch all they want whenever they want for a small fee. The quality of the print is top notch, and all the latest TV shows and movies make their way to Netflix almost as soon as they are released.


Netflix is currently running in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and many other countries. They have recently announced that they will be launching Japan Netflix in next fall as well. This is good news for the people of Japan, but it makes the waiting even more difficult. For Japan natives or other people living in Japan who belong to countries where Netflix is available, another year’s wait can be a bit exasperating. But worry not, for there’s no need to wait for next fall because via this guide you will learn how to watch Netflix from Japan easily! Here’s how:


VPNs, like Smart DNS, mask the user’s true identity from all IP address trackers and make it appear that the user is accessing the internet from a different location than his true geographical location. There are two major differences between VPNs and Smart DNS:

  • VPNs encrypt all the data on your connection. All providers establish a connection between your system and one of their servers, taking you to your destination through an encrypted tunnel where all your data and identity will remain undisclosed. You can choose which country you would like to appear to be using the internet from, so all you need to do is choose USA or UK or any country you want where your desired Netflix content is available, and you’re in.
  • VPNs cut down the internet speed. This is one drawback of using VPNs. There are VPNs that offer great speeds like HideMyAss VPN. You can simply go to their website and subscribe to their service to unblock Netflix in Japan.

Best VPN to Watch Netflix in Japan

You will find many VPNs in the market paid and free VPNs as well. But, free VPNs are lacking speed and other issues. So, our personally recommended VPN is HideMyAss Pro VPN.

  • Visit the HideMyAss VPN website.
  • Get a bundle as per requirement (yearly bundle is the best).
  • Download the application for your device.
  • Simply run the application and select a server from the USA.
  • Click on the connect button and you are done.
  • Happy Netflixing!

Smart DNS

Selective DNS Proxy is commonly called Smart DNS. It is a pretty simple way to hide your true location from any internet service that looks to track your location from your IP address. Netflix does this whenever you look to stream content on its website, and if you are found in a region where Netflix is unavailable then you are given an error message saying the content is not available in your region. With Smart DNS, the website you want to access will not be able to find out your true location. Your location will appear to be in a country where Netflix is available, and so you will be granted access.

One advantage of using Smart DNS to answer the question of how to watch Netflix in Japan is that it does not slow down your connection speed. Since Japan provides high internet speeds to its users, a decrease would not sit well with the users. This service, though, does not allow you passage in all websites. Smart DNS hides your IP only on certain websites, so it is always better to choose a provider that clearly lists out the websites it can grant you access to.

End Note

In this article, I’ve told you two ways of how to watch Netflix in Japan. You can use either of these on all your streaming device, be it running any operating system, as most providers today support all platforms. Setting up these services is really simple, and most providers give detailed set-up guides to help their customers.

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