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How to Watch HBO GO outside US

A lot of people love to watch HBO GO but the challenge is always how to get HBO GO outside US. For those who do not know, HBO GO is one of the most patronized and most adored platforms for streaming video content in the US. As a subsidiary of the Home Box Office, it was introduced in 2010 and within a short period of time became the go-to destination for superb content packages for its viewers.

Apart from various diverse programs to choose from, HBO GO provides a massive library of 600 hours of video in high and standard definition formats for any viewer to make a selection. Some of the superb shows which can be watched on HBO go online include Veep, Girls, True Detective, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and Game of Thrones. These shows are breathtaking and can be viewed on various devices whether supported by Android or iOS in addition to Apple TV, Roku, Xbox 360, and Playstation.

If you are wondering how do you get HBO go, it can be accessed through various platforms like Charter Communications, Cox Communications, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and so on.

You would not have any difficulties with regards to how to use HBO GO as long as you are in the US. All you need is a cable service subscription from one of the companies previously mentioned. However, once you are outside the US, you would experience some difficulty trying to access HBO Go.

The simple reason for this is that HBO GO contents are made for being viewed solely by subscribed who reside within the US. It all has to do with the laws that pertain to rights on broadcasting and viewing such content like these. By being able to detect the location of any user through the viewers unique IP Address, HBO GO can decide to allow or deny access to its programs. This is simply why it is difficult if not impossible to view HBO GO outside the US.

However, there are several methods available for bypassing the ability of HBO GO outside US from detecting your unique but foreign IP address. How do I get HBO go when you are not based in the US would involve the use of a VPN; Proxy/DNS; Unlocator; and Tor? A brief summary would be given to some of these methods and solutions of getting HBO GO outside the US.


A VPN is a technology which is sophisticated and permits you to overcome all those restrictions and censorship concerns which prevent you from getting HBO GO outside US. A VPN like HideMyAss would get HBO unblock within a jiffy.

Once your device has a VPN installed in it, connection with your service provider can be made from any server. In most situations, service providers of VPN provide a network of servers which are rigid so a server in the US is an important requirement for you to watch HBO GO outside the US. Once you have connected to the US server you get allocated an IP Address that is from the US. This will now permit you to get through all the restrictions due to your geographic location.

In essence, the HBO GO servers would now recognize your IP as being a valid US based IP address. So you can get to watch HBO GO outside the US without any concerns or hassles.

There are simple steps for getting a VPN to grant you this access. The steps following would enable you to gain access to HBO GO outside US through a VPN. There are also other VPN services for HBO GO outside US like Shade You; Express VPN; Iron Socket; IPVanish VPN; and Pure VPN. But our personally recommended is HMA Pro.

  • Buy a VPN for accessing HBO GO.
  • On the device of your preference download the VPN client for free.
  • Insert your password and username
  • Choose the protocol of preference. The recommended protocol for accessing HBO GO is PPTP.
  • For server, networks select a server in the US because you need to access HBO GO.
  • Be patient and wait for an establishment of connection
  • And you are done. Go ahead derive pleasure with HBO GO anywhere.


Some people feel that the use of Proxy/DNS like Smart DNS Proxy is the most appropriate method of getting all the content on HBO GO. This is because the service permits you to unblock all content that was previously blocked on not just hbogo.com but also on various other US websites that have content which are blocked.

These service providers possess DNS servers that are secure and situated in the US and all over the world. Their servers work by getting information relayed to HBO GO website from your device through its action as a middleman or intermediary for the two entities.

Therefore, any information which requires verification would be re-routed through their Proxy Server Networks which are very sophisticated. In no time, you would have constant and unhindered access to all of your favorite content on HBO. The services of the Smart DNS Proxy is highly compatible and can be utilized on any device like gaming consoles, Smart TV’s, smartphones, laptops, and PC. You can sign up at smartdnsproxy.com for access to HBO GO outside the US.


The Unlocator DNS service gets rid of geographic restrictions and block from HBO GO outside US. In order to begin with HBO GO outside the US you need to have an account with unlocator. Once you have signed up for their account, you then proceed to get your router or device configures by following the very simple and easy guides for setup.

If you choose to have your router configured it would mean that every device connected to that router will no longer be blocked. In the alternative, if you want to have control of each device then you can simply configure each device separately and individually.

Once your devices have been set up, you get them restarted with your router. Next you log into your Unlocator account. When you are inside, you confirm that there are three green check marks. If they are there then when you use their website or apps HBO will assume that you are resident in the US.


Services like the VPN HideMyAss, Proxy/DNS like smartdnsproxy.com and Unlocator, unblock restrictions to HBO website from abroad. By so doing any viewer, can watch their favorite shows on HBO GO outside the US.

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