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How to Get Netflix on Apple TV

It is now a rampant thing for people to observe that for some reason, they cannot access Netflix on Apple TV. This is a strange issue because everyone loves Apple TV, whether it is the new Apple TV 3 or the previous generations of Apple TV 1 and Apple TV 2. And to be able to watch Netflix on Apple TV is an added convenience which viewers take delight in.

Complex politics, globalization, and the policies adopted by media companies are some of the reasons why viewing Netflix via Apple TV from certain countries is almost impossible. While it is very possible to watch Netflix on Apple TV in the US, it becomes a bit of a challenge trying to figure out how to get Netflix on Apple tv from other countries abroad.

Take for instance if you are based in China or Australia, it would appear that there is no compatibility between Netflix and Apple TV. This would make a viewer start to ponder on how to get Netflix on Apple tv from those countries. But it is no longer a problem because a lot of people have found ways of getting Netflix on Apple TV from such countries.

Before we delve into the steps that must be adopted for Netflix at Apple TV to be viewed, we need to list the appliances that a viewer must have:

  1. Possession of a legitimate account with Netflix in the US. What is meant here is that either you or a friend has a Netflix account set up using a US based credit card. The process for achieving this is listed here.
  2. Possession of a US iTunes account. And just like above, if you happen to be based outside of the US, you can get one by following the steps listed here.
  3. Possession of an ecosystem from Apple which comprises of OS X Lion. This OS can perform well with Windows systems.
  4. Possession of a subscription with a VPN like Hide My Ass. While there may be other VPN services, Hide My Ass is recommended for Netflix Apple TV configuration. They are one of the largest with lots of servers. Their services are also reliable, and they offer very cheap and affordable rates.
  5. Possession of a Mac which has a connection to your router through a wired (Ethernet) connection. The connection must be a wired one and not through Wi-Fi. Of course, this means that your Apple TV must be using Wi-Fi.

We are now going to review the steps on how to get Netflix on Apple tv from other countries. However, it must be stated here that initially it might be difficult. Even though the steps are easy, however they do not usually perform well at the first instance.

Do not panic when such a thing occurs. By simply getting your Mac rebooted, and/or getting the Apple TV power plug removed everything should be fine. If however it is still not working you might have to adopt a more advanced approach which involves updating your router’s firmware in order to get the VPN installed on the router directly.

  • Step One – get your VPN setup. Hide My Ass has a server list that is quite extensive. Simply select a major hub like Los Angeles or Phoenix.
  • Step Two – get the information you need plugged into the panel of the network, and get the VPN set up under the system preferences. You would need to add a new interface by adding “+”. Select “VPN” as the interface from the drop menu, and “PPTP” for the type of VPN. You then need to name your service. You can simply make use of the VPN service name for this. You now select “create”.
  • Step Three – after successfully creating the VPN, insert into the server of the VPN the IP address, your username for your account, and choose the settings for authentication. You need to choose a password and enter it for the VPN. This password for your VPN would be different from your standard account password.
  • Step Four – after exiting from the screen for authentication, from the main panel of the VPN you select the Advanced button. You now tick the “send all traffic over VPN connection” on the tab for main options and then click on OK.
  • Step Five – tick “Show VPN status in the menu bar” from the main VPN screen. You now click “apply” and exit from the configuration of the VPN.
  • Step Six – visit the Sharing Panel in the System Preferences. Get your VPN connection (in this case HideMyAss) shared over Wi-Fi. This panel has a user interface which is poor. While it is not ticked, make your changes, and then to start it by ticking the box for Internet Sharing.
  • Step Seven – you configure the Apple TV onto the Wi-Fi connection so that it gets to be connected to the hotspot connection which you made for your Mac. From henceforth all the traffic which comes to and goes out from the Apple TV would get to be routed through the VPN. From the quick connect on the menu bar on the top of the screen of your Mac, you can make a connection to the VPN. Your Netflix for Apple TV has now been set up.

Always bear in mind that for the Apple TV to have the Netflix app show up, a viewer must have used the Apple TV to sign up for a US account in iTunes.

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