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How to Use Smartphones As Securely As Possible

The amount of data that is stored on anyone’s smartphone today is quite large, with people now using their smartphones to store sensitive information which, if compromised, could lead to a lot of trouble on the user’s behalf. Information like financial details, travel itineraries, medical reports as well as home security details like burglar-alarm passwords etc. are being stored by users on their smartphones.

Even cloud storage applications like Dropbox are accessed by many users on their smartphones. It is not hard to imagine what could happen to a user should he lose his or her smartphone or if it were hacked or damaged.

So, it is obvious that users should use smartphones as securely as possible to avoid trouble. Whether it is someone’s personal data or if a person has the stored the data of the company he or she works in, loss or damage to the devices can be quite fatal in today’s world. Here is a look at some ways you can use smartphones as securely as possible:

Prevent Phone theft

Prevention is indeed better than cure. Although the most secure smartphones in today’s world like iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One Max offer resourceful applications to prevent unauthorized users from accessing and misusing your data after they get their hands on it, it is always better to stop them from stealing it in the first place. The importance of protecting smartphones from theft is known by all, yet many people report a stolen smartphone every day. Since we carry our smartphones with us all the time, it is difficult to always be focussed on watching them when on a table or in a party.

However, some apps on certain devices provide the service of wireless proximity alarm. The devices are small so they can be fitted in your key rings, and they let you know when your phone crosses a pre-set distance boundary. Different providers offer different services like locking the screen, locating your phone via GPS, etc. in the event of your phone being stolen.

Use Locks to Enhance Smartphone Security

Locking your phone and requiring a password to unlock it is one of the easiest methods to prevent unauthorized users to gain access to your device. You should set it so that the phone locks itself automatically if you have not used it for some time interval. This interval can be set by you in the phone settings.

Apart from traditional numeric and alpha-numeric passwords on most secure smartphones, there are other methods as well like fingerprint scanners, iris scanners or voice recognizers. With these new-age methods, you can make sure that you use your smartphones as securely as possible.

What to do when you lose your phone

As much as we try to prevent it, there is a high risk of our smartphones being lost or stolen. A secure smartphone is one which prevents the data being compromised under any circumstance. All service providers have the option to track or tweak your phone’s security in case of it being stolen or lost.

You can check with your provider to see what services they offer and how to use them. You can remotely lock your smartphone, track it using GPS, erase its data remotely or even send the person having it an email regarding how to reach you in case you have lost it and it has been found by someone.


All these methods are simple to use and can prove quite effective in using your smartphone as securely as possible. All it requires is a little awareness and competence on your behalf.

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