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McAfee Review

McAfee is an antivirus which puts all of its competitors down with its protection, performance and usability. The product is ranked the best when it comes to the protection of the computer, being the most used antivirus in the world.


The McAfee antivirus showed the best performance when its influence on the computer speed while running and installing programs, downloads and web browsing was tested, sowing an average speed of one second, while its competitors had an average speed of three seconds.


The McAfee antivirus has its own firewall. Therefore, it is well supported when it comes to the virus protection system. Using the McAfee firewall gives the user the ability to configure it in the application meaning that he does not need to leave the security program.

At the same time, the McAfee antivirus also comes with a vulnerability scanner, which helps in updating the Windows installation and applications. If the version of Windows that is used and the applications are not updated on a regular basis, this may involve the risk for vulnerabilities to occur, as each update fixes the vulnerabilities in questions, preventing the computer from being infested.

Another feature of this amazing antivirus is that it comes with two extra versions, the McAfee Total Protection and the McAfee All Access. The first one can block spams and other infested or dangerous email and it also protects the user’s identity. The All Access version of the Antivirus provides an unlimited protection for more than one device plus a manager for passwords.



The McAfee antivirus is compatible with more operating systems, such as MAC OS, Windows and Linux, which gives it versatility and it makes it easier to use by anyone who has a more pretentious operating system on their computer.



  • The Multi-Device McAfee Small Business Security antivirus costs around $15.99 per license and it can protect more than one computer, tablet, smartphone or macs from online threats and it also includes a free virus removal service.
  • The Essential McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB is designed for more than 250 or even less devices. It offers security and protection from all possible threats that may or may not infect a computer and the price for it is $22.10-$24.65 per license.
  • The Advanced EndPoint Protection for SMB is also designed as the Essential one, for more or less than 250 devices. It can overcome malware, mobile or email data security problems. It costs around $44.20-$50.15 per license.
  • The McAfee Antivirus Plus costs $49.99 and it has won many awards with its protection software, it offers privacy and computer organization tools and it also provides Wi-Fi protection.
  • The McAfee Total Protection Antivirus provides protection to the user’s computer, social networks, identity, family and home network, against hackers, malware, spyware and other threats and it cos
    ts $89.99.


The McAfee antivirus has proved itself to be the best on the market when it comes to protecting and securing computers, no matter what operating system they use.

With its intelligent features and with an interface that is easy to use and to understand and also with its efficient protection services, this antivirus is recommended by everyone who uses it and it is said to be the godfather of the antiviruses on the world’s market.

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