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How to Bypass Torrent Throttling

Torrent Throttling is a headache for everyday users. Internet Service Providers cut down the torrent speeds during peak activity hours in order to provide a more uniform bandwidth distribution to all their users. The biggest area of concern here should be why they need to cut down the speed at all, for it is something that hides their incapability to accommodate large numbers of users and provide them proper bandwidth. However, in this article we address the issue of how to bypass torrent throttling.

What is Torrent Throttling and How it Works?

In a nutshell, torrent throttling is reducing the torrent activity speed of users by ISPs. They do so by selectively blocking or slowing down the speed of your torrent packets. Whenever you interact with the internet and send or receive files from any web application or page, the entire traffic goes through your ISP.

They can monitor all the data flow between your system and the internet and can identify each type of data packets being exchanged by the two parties. This allows them to selectively block or slow down the activity of any data type that they choose. In order to provide all their users proper bandwidth during peak hours, ISPs choose to levy this reduction on Torrents more than any other application.

How to bypass torrent throttling?

Whenever you connect to the internet and use any website or web application, your ISP can see all your internet activity. All data packets coming to and going from your system pass through the network of your ISP, so they can easily monitor everything, allowing them to block or slow down any type of data that they choose.

In order to prevent yourself from this watch-guard feature of your ISP and bypass torrent throttling, you need to encrypt your data that is exchanged between your system and the internet. It might even be a good option to make the data packets traverse a different path than what your ISPs would use, taking them out of their region of access. Although this sounds quite complex, it is quite simple as there are services that do both these tasks without asking you to do anything. Those services are called VPNs.

VPNs encrypt all your internet traffic as they connect you to the internet via an encrypted tunnel. Not only do they prevent your data from being intercepted and analysed by eavesdroppers, they also prevent anyone from finding out your IP address and thereby your geographic location and identity.

Using a VPN is a good solution as to how to bypass torrent throttling as it would prevent your ISP from finding out whether the data packets being exchanged are torrent data packets. So now then we have established that using a VPN is a great method to bypass torrent throttling and download torrent anonymously, we should delve into the best VPNs for torrents.

The best VPNs should:

  • Not keep connection or activity logs to maintain your online privacy
  • Encrypt your traffic efficiently
  • Have good global coverage
  • Not cause speed overhead to your internet connection
  • Offer unlimited bandwidth

Using these criteria as the basis, we have listed three VPNs to bypass torrent throttling most effectively and easily-

  1. HideMyAss
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. IPVanish


Torrent throttling is an unfair tactic used by ISPs in the name of maintaining usage neutrality as they choose to hamper the activity of some users to benefit others as well as choose to throttle only specific services like Torrent. Using a VPN is the best method to bypass torrent throttling, and the VPNs listed above are some of the best VPNs for torrent.

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