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Different Ways to Start Downloading Torrents Anonymously

So, you want to share some files, but want to do it anonymously? Maybe you found this awesome movie online, and you know you shouldn’t, but you just MUST have it (if it’s Goodfellas, we understand completely)… Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will show you how easy downloading torrents anonymously really is. There are plenty of options you can choose from, and we’re going to talk a bit about each of them, including the best VPN for torrents, uTorrent and PeerBlock.


VPN for downloading torrents anonymously?

In reality, the best option will be using a VPN to download torrents. It is one of the easiest ways you can approach this, and remain truly anonymous. One of the highest rated VPN for downloading torrents anonymously is IPVanish, especially because of its wide variety of servers and relative low price. With a VPN, you can successfully hide your IP, since all of the traffic that comes from your computer, is now directed through their servers. Completely anonymous. One thing to consider when downloading torrents with VPN, is the server speed. Depending on the server you choose, your downloads might be insufferably slow. The good news is that you can switch up the server as you see fit.

Remove those pesky trackers

Another popular way to stay hidden when downloading torrents, is by using qBittorrent. Downloading it is easy, and the website offers a free version. Of course, the Pro version offers a lot more, such as protection from viruses and malware, streams downloads instantly, and it allows for downloads to be played in any device. It costs $20 per year, so it really is a good deal.

The best thing about using uTorrent, is the option to have all trackers removed before you download or share a file. Just click on the dialogue box that is located in the advanced section, and boom! You’re done! This will ensure you are safe while downloading or sharing your personal files.

PeerBlock-ing your way to a safer download


One more way you can protect yourself when surfing the web, is by downloading PeerBlock. This fabulous system is similar to the firewall settings on your PC, but they also block out any IP address that is attempting to connect to your computer. This will help prevent any viewing of your files by a person that is not authorized to do so. PeerBlock is also very easy to use, and the website offers a very unique blog that can answer any question you might have. The only bad thing is that they do not offer support for Mac computers, and it looks like it will be that way for a while. We will keep you posted!

Encryption, baby!

Before you start sharing and downloading files, you should also look into encrypting your downloads. You have gone through most of the difficult steps to ensure your online fingerprint is anonymous, and with encryption, you can make sure all of the data on your computer is safe.

So, what did we learn from all this? That you can actually stay safe andanonymous while downloading torrents! Here’s the short list:

  • VPN probably the easiest way for downloading anonymously
  • qBittorent helps with tracker removers
  • PeerBlock acts as a fancy firewall for your computer
  • Encrypt all of your files for safe keeping

Once you have completed any of the steps previously mentioned, you are now ready to start downloading torrents! Your IP address is protected from anybody out there trying to snoop around your personal business, and the fun can begin. Now you can find torrents that will suit your needs, and offer the files you are searching for. Have fun, and be safe out there!

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