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Easy Steps to Cyber Crime Prevention

When asked the question ‘How to prevent Cyber Crime’ most users will already have a few ideas in their mind regarding the methodology or tips to go about evading and even protecting against cyber threats. Some will suggest installing antivirus software; while others feel that to stay secure online and to stay anonymous are also ways of preventing Cyber Crime. In a sense, every answer is right because Cyber Crime is a world in itself and we have only just begun to uncover the threat that it might pose.


What is Cyber Crime?

Simply put, it is any crime that is deployed through the internet or any computer network. This can include any kind of machine that runs on a network or even something as small as an SD card that is inserted into portable devices.

How to prevent Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime prevention is a very straightforward thing once you understand what the fuss is about. It isn’t necessarily rocket science but it can be if you want it to. Something as simple as reading an article about cyber security tools on our site can be a good enough defense against future cyber-threats and even current ones that you didn’t know existed in your hard-drive or folders. I am not going to go through specific methods of protecting against Cyber Crime, but I will explain every part in detail, as well as provide external links to our Cyber Security site that will definitely help you.

Keep your computer updated

A simple advice that might someday save your computer: Every piece of software, even hardware, is constantly updated by the provider to ensure latest functionality as well as latest patches against known bugs and viruses.

Simply by updating your PC, you reduce the risk of vulnerabilities that might otherwise be used as an entrance point to your network. Take the example of Windows XP, since it’s been discontinued this means that Microsoft will no longer provide updates to the OS thus leaving vulnerability points for perpetrators, in turn, Windows XP becomes more useless each day.

Use protection

The next step is to simply provide basic security for your computer; this is detected automatically by most systems and you are offered to install an anti-virus out of tens of choices out there. The anti-virus is the first step to providing basic security through software, while additional steps might include installing specific software to scan for malware, junk files, temporary files and logs, etc. I recommend the following:

  • Avira Antivirus for a free anti-virus
  • Norton Symantec for a paid anti-virus
  • Malwarebytes for protection against malware as well as internet security
  • Ccleaner for easy cleaning of unnecessary files

Additionally, you may install extra firewall software to fortify your current firewall or replace it, but all in all the firewall should not be tampered with unless you know what you are doing. Keep in mind to always check your firewall if your computer is new to you.

Protect personal information and passwords

Most often I see users asking what is the point of a strong password; well it’s simple: the better the password the harder it is to crack, the harder it is to be spied on, and the harder it is to understand by more simple software that act as key-loggers. When sharing your personal information, don’t give it up so easily. Don’t respond to offers that may otherwise seem too good to be true; usually they are.

Pay close attention to new software and new sites you visit, as well as their policies: for all you know, their policy could be to allow them access to your bandwidth or network, and you still agree to it without reading. Give this article a try for more tips on social attacks


We have gone through a few easy steps to preventing Cyber Crime which require very little effort and knowledge on the users part. As these are just the beginnings steps, users can learn more about Cyber Crime prevention simply through experience and Google skills. You can find out all about cyber security through additional topics on our site, and as always, feel free to leave a commend and we will get back to you.

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