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Netflix on Samsung Smart TV outside US? Done.

The internet just got more attractive. Samsung, a leader in the electronics industry, came up with an ingenious solution to watching internet shows and movies on your television. The Smart TV gives you a complete package of internet ready apps by just hooking the set directly to your internet connection. The HD quality sets no longer need a home theater system that have the apps installed and require internet access from a router. This television is virtually plug-n-play. Want to watch Netflix? Have a Netflix US account? Then this set will be like magic for you—as long as you live within the continental Unites States.


What about outside the US?

You bought the TV. You took it gingerly out of the box and placed it strategically in your living room where no interference will block your viewing. You live in France and you really love American television and movies. A friend told you about the Samsung Smart TV and that it comes with the Netflix app. It is internet ready, and you’re just itching to watch the last season of The Walking Dead. You hook up your new set and load the Netflix app. But there’s something wrong. You are blocked. What do you do? You can’t just take the TV back; you paid good money for this. Here, we will show you how to watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV outside US.

Obtain an Netflix account

The first thing that you need to do before you embark on unblocking the Netflix app is to have a Netflix account. Netflix US has the largest movie and television library of all the Netflix products. Creating a Netflix US account is relatively simple.  If you have a friend in the States that will allow you to use their address, great. If not, then Google US addresses and use one of them to create your account.

A little piece of advice; make sure that the postal (zip code) code is not only the correct format (5 numbers) but also in the proper area. You don’t want to use a Beverly Hills, California postal code for say Miami, Florida.  The two states are on opposite ends of the country. Using an incorrect postal code for the region might raise a few red flags and get your account terminated. You could also establish a Netflix UK, Canada, Netherlands or Latin America in the same way.

All hail the VPN

Having a Netflix US account is not the only thing you need to circumvent in order to watch Netflix on the Samsung Smart TV anywhere outside the US. You also need to show that you’re coming from a US based IP address. This is the job of a Virtual Private Network or VPN. A VPN will mask your IP address from anywhere by making the Netflix server think you’re in the US.

Once you have set up a VPN account; make sure you choose US servers. Complete anonymity is the name of this game and a VPN using a US server is the endgame win. But there is more to it than just subscribing to a VPN provider. Unfortunately for the Samsung Smart TV, you will need a Tomato Router or technically known as a DD-WRT. VPN providers will have instructions on how to connect the service to this router, so I won’t go into that here.

SmartDNS: A smart choice for Smart TV

Although a VPN gives you complete anonymity online, SmartDNS is an excellent choice for those who are only looking to watch some TV or listen to music or play a game from anywhere. Smart DNS redirects only what it needs, mainly your IP address. There’s no tunneling involved and no encryption either, which means you get fast connections. With a Smart DNS, you can switch servers to anywhere (provided your ISP does not engage in DNS Hijacking), and access restricted content simultaneously. SmartDNS is also more affordable than a VPN.

And finally…

When you want to watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV outside US, both a VPN and SmartDNS will achieve this goal. Once your connection is safely and securely establish, you will not only have the ability to watch Netflix, but many of the other apps that comes with the TV or that you can obtain from the Samsung App store online.

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