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How to get American Netflix in UK

If you are a lover of Netflix (one of the best TV streaming service) then you may already know how much enhanced Netflix is in the American than in the United Kingdom. Don’t worry I am going to turn on the light of hope. No need to move to US in order to boost up your streaming pleasure: you are able to watch US content, by fooling the Netflix into believing that you are located in America – Sound great!

All you have to do it change you IP address. By using Smart DNS or VPN, you can easily change your IP address and unblock American Netflix in UK.

Within this post I will try to guide you how to use Smart DNS or VPN to bypass all types of geo-restrictions, access and stream American Netflix on Apple TV in UK or worldwide.

Why can’t you Stream US Netflix if you live outside the US?

Netflix has the functionality to read the location of the gadget you are utilizing to decide whether or not you are really living in the America and will then moreover restrict your access or allow access for watching content – as per your geo-location.

People are not able to watch US Netflix outside US because the service allowed only for the citizens of US. But Netflix is still accessible in many other countries, but many of the latest releases, many well-known Television shows, etc. are limited to US Netflix and can just be watched by the US people.

Some of the best methods to unblock American Netflix in UK are given below:

VPN to Unblock US Netflix

You can unblock American Netflix via using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A Virtual Private Network performs like a second web sitting among you and the huge internet, you PC links to the VPN, that will connect to the internet. The Virtual Private Network itself can be located anywhere on the globe, however you want one that is in the America.

Sound difficult? Well it is not much complex because there are few good VPN services in the market that make it simple. I am going to recommend 2 of them: HideMyAss and PureVPN.

If you are happy to change your IP address, then this in-short tutorial is all that you need to look at:

  1. Signup any of the recommended VPNs or any other having a US server.
  2. Download VPN’s software located on the respected website.
  3. Now connect to their server which are in USA.
  4. Login to the Netflix official website.
  5. You are done – Bingo!

In case you don’t have a Netflix account, you can check out our tutorial about getting the US Netflix account outside US.

Proxy to Unblock American Netflix in UK

The second best method to access to geo-blocked content from US Netflix DNS if you are located anywhere outside the US is to make use of proxy server.  Smart DNS proxy is generally a PC which relays and intercepts information among 2 different computers – you PC or Netflix DNS friendly streaming gadget and the US Netflix website.

Another major benefit of using a proxy server to unblock US Netflix is you can use various other Netflix friendly devices (rather than Laptop and PC) to watch the latest films and US media content.

Unblock American Netflix outside UK via Hola

Hola is a free of cost VPN service provider that works with your browser. You can use Hola on any browser like FireFox, Chrome, and Opera, but it does not compatible with Safari. Here is how to utilize Hola for unblock American Netflix anywhere:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Visit the official page of Hole (hola.org)
  3. Now signup on their website
  4. After that you will get an email from Hola, just verify your account
  5. Now click on Get Hola.
  6. Click on Allow and install it.
  7. You are done!

The American flag will display on the top right corner of your browser. This shows that you are streaming from USA. After that you need to login to the Netflix site, but stop! I hope you already know that Netflix is under pressure to restrict VPNs and Hola, and in case you visit www.netflix.com is does not work. There is another way, access to movies.netflix.com. At the moment this looks like a charm, but we can’t say how long.


All of the aforementioned methods VPN, Proxy and Hola will enable you to change your IP address and to unblock American Netflix in UK. Any of the method you select is only depends on you. If you need any help or information about VPN, Proxy and Hola, please comment below.

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