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Easy Peasie: Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK

If you have to travel abroad outside the UK and find yourself missing your favorite shows, there are a few ways you can still watch them even when you’re far from home. BBC iPlayer allows you to watch all of your favorites but only in the UK. In this article, we will show you how to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK. Never miss an episode of Wheeler Dealers or Top Gear again and keep up to date with the latest episodes of EastEnders as well.



The best thing about a VPN is accessibility anywhere. There are hundreds of VPN service providers out there to choose. From some that offer a free trial to relatively affordable yearly service, a VPN will get you watching BBC iPlayer in no time. All you need to do is sign up for the service and download the software on the devices you want to watch it on.

One word of advice: many Smart TV’s today require a router in order to run a VPN. Make sure that the VPN you choose is supported by the router for your Smart TV and also for whatever device you are using – if you don’t know what to choose you can go through our guide about choosing a right VPN provider. There are  hundreds of servers for you to choose from so your VPN service shouldn’t lag or freeze up while streaming your shows on BBC iPlayer UK. So long as you make sure that the servers you choose are from the UK, you’re good.

Smart DNS

Want to watch BBC iPlayer in USA or UK? Use Smart DNS and never miss your favorite shows and news from home. Smart DNS is easy to setup and usually free. The differences between DNS and VPN are there is no anonymity with DNS. You appear to be watching from the UK, but your IP address is not protected. With Smart DNS, you will only get UK channels and only the major channels at that.

Make sure that your ISP does not support DNS hijacking techniques. If you are not concerned with keeping your online identity secure and anonymous and just want to appear to watch BBC iPlayer from the UK, then Smart DNS is the way to go.

Google Chrome

If you have Google Chrome, then these few steps will enable you to access BBC live streaming movies and show from anywhere outside the UK.

  • Open the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser.
  • In the drop down menu highlight “More Tools”
  • Highlight and select “Extensions”
  • At the bottom of the list of extensions, select “Get more Extensions.”
  • Here you will have one of two options. You can either choose “Proxy Switchy Omega” which is a proxy application where you will have to configure iPlayer yourself if you know the port and IP address of iPlayer, or, you can search for iPlayer in the “Search the store” bar at the left of the screen. This will give a few options, one of which is BBC iPlayer.

Now, BBC iPlayer option is a VPN provider that connects you to BBC iPlayer through IPVanis VPN. IPvanish offers a money back guarantee and their service fee is  affordable at $6.49 per month.

Whether you want to catch up on the latest news from London or see what Mike Brewer and Ole Edd Chyna have purchased as their latest fix and flip car, watch BBC iPlayer outside UK with one of the methods mentioned above and you’ll never miss another episode due to traveling.

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