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Learn How to Get Netflix on Smart TV

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on the way that the entertainment landscape has been changed simply because of the arrival of Netflix. Unless you have been living under the rock, you must know by now that when it comes to the provision of premium entertainment content, the one to beat is Netflix. And their claim to the throne is justified because they are the best in terms of the quality and updated content that they provide, the relative affordability of their programming, and the adaptability of their systems to almost any device.

Yes, Netflix can be watched on virtually all types of devices. And I mean ALL devices no matter what their operating systems might be or who the hardware manufacturer might be. You can watch Netflix on devices that run on iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems like iPads and iPhones, Samsung Galaxy tablets and smartphones, and Windows Vista and PC systems respectively. However, even beyond this, you can also watch Netflix on smart TV.

How can anyone watch Netflix on smart TV?

A smart TV is a new standard when it comes to television sets. Essentially, they are produced to mimic the advancements made in information and communication technology by way of being internet enabled, versatile, and capable of being synced with our other mobile communication devices like our smartphones and tablets.

Samsung is clearly at the forefront of this welcome innovation while other manufacturers like LG, Apple, and HTC have equally made their mark. Through the use of a smart TV, a viewer can connect to the internet and watch/stream programs from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and so on just the same way you previously are able to do on your PC and laptops and now on devices like smartphones and tablets. The good news as a result of this advancement is that Netflix can also be watched on smart TV.

How to get Netflix on smart TV is an easy task. But before we begin to run through the steps, I want to assume that you must already have a Netflix account. You simply cannot wish to have a Big Mac without ordering for one from McDonalds, right? So, if you do not yet have a Netflix account, it is imperative that you rush over to their website at and sign up for one. Signing up and setting up Netflix is relatively easy and you should be able to walk through the process in a couple of minutes from any internet enabled device.

Some people might choose to first give them a try before they go all the way. This is perfectly alright because they offer a free trial period of one month after which they begin to bill you. I assure you that once you understand how to get Netflix on smart TV you would not mind renewing your subscription every month in order to continue to watch Netflix on smart TV.

I am confident in making this assertion because unlike when you view Netflix on other devices, the experience is simply breathtaking and out of this world when you watch Netflix on smart TV. And for good reason too. The resolution of the pictures is definitely higher than any other device, same too for the sound quality.

So in essence, anyone can watch Netflix on smart TV once they have signed up for their Netflix account and also possess a smart TV. Note however that Netflix has a lot of versions. The best version which has the best programming is the US version. There are other versions like Netflix Canada and Netflix UK which are specifically tailored to residents in those regions. However, they cannot compare to the offerings of Netflix US. This is why it is imperative that in order to get the best programming on Netflix, try to sign up for a US Netflix account.

However, you might discover that you might not be able to sign up for a US Netflix account. This would be especially true if you are not physically located within the United States of America. And even if you previously had a US Netflix account, you would equally discover that you cannot access it once you travel outside of the US.

Do not despair. But if you cannot do so because of your geographical location, do not despair. By subscribing to a virtual private network service (otherwise known as VPN) like HideMyAss VPN, you can circumvent all restrictions and use your US Netflix account to watch Netflix on smart TV. Essentially, what these VPN services do is make it appear as if you are physically and geographically located within the US in spite of your actual geographic location. And by so doing, they unblock Netflix and allow you to watch Netflix on smart TV.

How to get Netflix on smart TV

In order to know how to get Netflix on smart TV, we have established that you need to get the following:

  1. A US Netflix account.
  2. A smart TV.
  3. An internet subscription plan from an internet service provider.
  4. A VPN service – assuming you are not geographically located in the US.

Once all these are available, you are good to go.

You really do not need to buy any other external device to watch Netflix once you have a smart TV. Almost all smart TVs possess a pre-installed app for Netflix. But, if you cannot find where it is located, you can use the search functionality in your smart TV to locate it. If you still cannot discover its location, go over to the app store of your smart TV and look for it. Once you have discovered it, select download and it would be installed.

Immediately the Netflix app has been installed you can now decide to watch Netflix on your smart TV. A word of advice is necessary here. Your internet/broadband connection must be of a particular speed otherwise you would not enjoy the experience of having your programs continuously pausing all the time. This is why it is necessary that you must have your smart TV connected with a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable to ensure fast and uninterrupted streaming. Most smart TVs already have in-built internet connectivity.

The Verdict

In conclusion, remember that the entire process of setting up Netflix on your smart TV is simple and designed to provide you with how to watch Netflix on smart TV. Assuming you run into any problems, the help facilities on your smart TV would be able to troubleshoot and assist in resolving it.

If the issues arise from your account with Netflix, you can go over to for a speedy resolution. And if you need to access your US Netflix account from outside the US, remember to do so through a VPN like HideMyAss which would effortlessly unblock Netflix. I wish you a wonderful viewing pleasure now that you know how to watch Netflix on smart TV.

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