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How anyone can unblock US Netflix in Canada

For anyone who derives joy in being entertained, Netflix is truly a gift and a blessing. For as low as $8 every month, you can easily watch all of the best entertainment to your heart’s delight. No longer do we have to depend and rely on satellite and cable television which are well known for their expensive, but restricted content. With a Netflix account, it is a whole world of entertainment programming all at your fingertips for far less the cost of the other variants of entertainment providers.


Ever since they launched, Netflix had always had a global agenda. This explains why there are different variants of Netflix in different parts of the world. For example, there is Netflix USA and Netflix UK. However, while this goal is laudable, it has some shortcomings which a lot of people have been complaining about. The programming on Netflix actually differs from region to region.

What this means is that the programming on Netflix USA is different from that of Netflix Canada. And by different, I mean very different. In fact, the most premium of programs are reserved for those who have access to Netflix USA, while the least of programs get shown on the variants for other regions, including Netflix Canada.

This is totally unfair, especially when you consider the fact that we all pay the same subscription costs every month. It is just like paying for a Big Mac in McDonalds Canada and getting lesser quality than consumers in the United States.

How to access US Netflix in Canada

We have already established that the programming on Netflix differs. On several occasions, I have tried to understand the rationale behind this business model. From what I have discovered, Netflix enters into complex licensing agreements with the content providers who are the production companies and studios. It is these producers who insist on what content should be shown where. This is the main reason why you cannot watch US Netflix in Canada, at least not directly.

You might be wondering how this can be possible. Well, when you own a Netflix account, you need to access its content using an internet-enabled device like your PC, iOS, and/or Android tablet or smartphone. Netflix’s systems are configured to detect where each device is geographically located. And they do so by tracking the address of your device, otherwise known as IP Address. And once they located an IP Address that is not a US-based one, they would block and bar such a device from accessing any content on Netflix US.

This means that once a device does not have a US IP Address, that device would be automatically blocked from accessing US Netflix in Canada and any other country outside of the United States of America. You would not believe the kind of heartache and disappointment such a discovery can cause, especially to ardent fans and subscribers of Netflix US who happen to come to Canada for business or a vacation. Well, I have good news for you – you can now unblock US Netflix in Canada.

Remember that earlier we spoke about the US IP Address. Well, in order for anyone to watch US Netflix in Canada, it means that they must have a US IP Address. And how can we get our device to have a US IP Address? Well, from my research there are actually two major ways that we can achieve this and get to unblock US Netflix in Canada.

The first method would simply be to take our device to the US which would be just fine, right? Wrong! I’m sure that you would think I am nuts to make such a recommendation. I mean, how would one possibly travel from Canada all the way to the US because they cannot watch US Netflix in Canada. Except if you have another reason for going to USA, I do not think that is an appropriate solution.

The second and correct strategy would be to get our device to behave and act as if it has a US IP Address even though we are still physically and geographically located in Canada. And believe me, this is a very easy thing to accomplish. In essence, with this strategy we are going to be able to unblock Netflix anywhere, and not just in Canada alone. And when we succeed, we can then get US Netflix in Canada as well as in other countries of the world.

Methods to be used to get US Netflix in Canada

The method that is best used to unblock US Netflix in Canada would involve subscribing to any of the services of Virtual Private Networks, otherwise known as VPNs. These are outfits which re-route your internet activity and enable you to have access to a US IP Address. And they do so in a way that ensures that your data and activity are encrypted, or encoded, so that no one can monitor your activity at all. In essence, you can easily browse US Netflix in Canada without Netflix realizing that you are not in the US.

A lot of people might wonder if this is ethical and legal. I assure you that it is 100 percent legal because in order to enjoy any Netflix service you must first and foremost own a Netflix account. And it must be an active Netflix account, if you don’t have a Netflix account grab it from here. So there is nothing illegal about making use of a VPN.

There are a lot of VPNs in the market today. In my opinion, the king of the pack is HideMyAss VPN. They do not only own the highest number of servers all over the world, but they also have the highest number of available US based IP addresses from which to choose from. In addition, they offer a money back guarantee for first timers to test out their services.

Other equally good VPN services are ExpressVPN, IP Vanish VPN, Strong VPN, Unblock-Us, UnoTelly, and Unlocator. However, none of these can beat HideMyAss VPN when it comes to getting access to US Netflix in Canada.

Once you have registered with the VPN of your choice, the next step would be to configure your DNS settings to those of the VPN service provider. Again, this is an easy task which the service provider would guide you through. And once your device settings have been properly configured, you simply return back to the VPN and you are ready to unblock US Netflix in Canada.

So, there you have it. You do not have to entertain any fears about your next trip to Canada because you can be rest assured that when next you travel, you would still be able to access US Netflix in Canada.

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