Top 5 Proxy Sites for School

So you’re at school, bored out of your mind, and want to jump online. To your surprise, the website you want to access is blocked! Now what? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will show you the best proxy sites for school, so that you can access your favorite websites, without being tracked. Now you can finally have some REAL fun at school.

What’s a Proxy?

First, let’s start with the basics: what in the world is a proxy? Think of a proxy as a middle-man. You want the network you are on to think that you are just visiting the proxy, when in reality you are visiting a different site. The best part about it, is that you can browse under the radar, without anybody snooping around once you are done. There are different sites that you can access to accomplish this, and we will cover the best proxies for school.


One of our favorite proxy websites for school here at, is HideMyAss. Not only are they very widely known for their VPN servers, but they are one of the best for school proxy sites. They offer completely anonymous unblocked proxy services, and are one of the highest rated sites for this service. Accessing unblocked proxy sites for school by using HideMyAss is really super easy. Just jump on their website and follow the simple instructions. If you would rather not use this site, then keep reading. We have more proxy sites for school that are just as simple to use!

Visit HideMyAss


Another one of our favorites is Proxify. With this site, you can feel free to jump on any site you want, since it is anonymous. Plus, it’s super fast. Proxify ensures your anonymity by encrypting your sites, which means that even at school, where you might have some websites banned, you will be able to go to Proxify and enjoy those sites the servers at school don’t support.

Visit Proxify


Third on the list comes Anonymouse. As their name implies, with Anonymouse you can jump on your e-mail, or any website you like, and be completely anonymous. It’s been running for a while now, and it is super easy to use. Just jump on their site, choose the English version or the German version, and then you just type in the website you want to visit. Pretty easy, huh? They also offer a paid subscription, which gives you faster speeds, no ads, and lets you access websites with encryption. It costs around 6/month, so it really is something to look for if you want an upgrade.

Visit Anonymouse


If you are looking for a free proxy browser, then you have found it on BoomProxy. They offer free and safe access to your websites, and keep you completely anonymous while you’re at it. The only draw back is the many ads this website offers, but if it does not bother you, then click on! As soon as you jump on the site, you will see where you can type in the URL you want to visit. Click and go. Done.

Visit BoomProxy


Last but not least, you have Zend2. It works the same way as the other sites, and the best part about it is that it is free. The folks at Zend2 hide your IP address, and let you surf the web anonymously. No footprint left behind here. They also support Facebok and YouTube, so there you go!

Visit Zend2

So now you have it! You have many options to choose from, some free, some fast, some easy. Try these out at your school and see which one is supported there. If you find a website that is still blocked while using a proxy website, just try another site. You might get lucky, and have complete access to the site. Now, go have some fun out there!

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