Surface Pro 3 and Other Tech Enhancements of 2015 NFL Season

The development of technology is unbelievable and it has influenced almost all the fields so far. Obviously, professional sport has been influenced by the growth of technology a lot. The use of technological devices in sport has helped the professional sport to flourish and fly in heights.

Professional sport has been prone to change according to the technological development. NFL has also implemented a lot of technology during the past few years in order to improve the overall experience of the game. Certainly, already implemented technological devices have helped the teams, coaches and players to improve their games and strategic plans.

NFL have always tried to bring in something new during every NFL seasons until now and there are plenty new and enhanced technology items to expect when the 2015 NFL season start in September. As the 2015 NFL season kicks off this September, the football fans again have the opportunity to observe how technology and its affiliation with the NFL are continuing to transform the game. NFL has announced the implementation of some of the notable tech introductions to the 2015 season in order to improve the experience of game. So, sit back and find out the vital tech introductions that can change the course of NFL games and you can get NFL tickets without fees from several reliable sources as well.

National Football League is indeed a rigorous game. To press forward their strategies and tactics, teams bring into play whatsoever technological devices obtainable. One of the notable tech enhancements of 2015 NFL Season is the introduction of Surface Pro 3. Microsoft has announced that it’s setting up NFL coaches and players with new Surface Pro 3 tablets and obviously, it will replace the Surface Pro 2’s used in last year.

During 2015 NFL season, the NFL fans will be able to notice new Surface Pro 3s functioning on the sidelines. It is superior, lighter, and brighter than put into practice in the previous year. Surface Pro 3 will perform in all austerity atmosphere of NFL, like heat, cold, and rain.  Surface Pro 3s permit teams to watch photos, draw up plays, and more.

As technology progresses, so will be the capability of NFL coaches, players and officials to become accustomed and accept new uses. Microsoft has also declared updates to its NFL app for the Xbox One console that will present fans an enhanced sense of what’s taking place during games in real time. It is considered that possibly the most intriguing facet of the renovated Xbox One NFL app is its reliance on real-time information.

Another major tech enhancements of 2015 NFL Season is that every player in all game this season will be dressed in a pad that contain a computer chip linked to sensors. It will help the football fans to observe where players are, how far they travel during every game, and how quickly they move in the field. Just imagine observing the moves of Peyton Manning with Denver Broncos while breaking new records; interesting, isn’t it? All NFL stadiums currently are packed with devices that are capable of tracking the data. So, the introduction of this technology will definitely improve the experience of NFL games than ever.

It is spot on that every NFL season keeps on pushing technology driven modification in order to strengthen the game. This year, the fans will be able to watch NFL games online for free. This move in fact symbolizes a huge step for the network and for the league. It is said that CBS will stream two regular season games, four playoff games and the Super Bowl, online for free during2015 NFL Season. It allows the football fans to watch every game at the comfort of their home and support their teams even if they are out of stadium.

The NFL has upgraded the NFL Vision Instant Replay system. The upgraded Vision Instant Replay system makes use of the most recent technology to help out the instant replay procedure to function ably and to reduce in-game delays. Technology and the NFL have a perfect partnership. The combination of technology and the NFL will definitely produce wonders this year and years to come.

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