MyVPN Review

The MyVPN.com site is a VPN service provider which provides secure connection making you’re using of the Internet safer.

How does the myvpn.com site look?

The MyVPN site seems to be a trustworthy site, with quality content and efficient services. This web page has an attractive and colorful interface that captures your attention instantly. This way, not only you access the site more times, but you can also enjoy the happy interface that it provides.

At the first sight, the site seems appealing and beautifully created. The layout consists in bright colors like blue and yellow, which are joined by some cartoon characters that they have created in order to make the website look more attractive and eye catching.


When you enter the about section, the first things you see are the words “Our duty is to protect your Internet connection”. This method of layout and marketing makes the user sure of what the company is actually aiming to do and he also gets the feeling of trust and cool down.


The next two things you see are two icons that tell you what their mission is and how they do what they are aiming to do. They say that their mission is to secure and protect any Internet connection. How they do this? By using a 256 bit encryption library and by improving the security of their VPN libraries. Their services are compatible with any operation system, such as Windows, MAC or Linux.

Customer support

They also tell you who they and their team are. These persons are illustrated as cartoon characters: three boys and one girl. Their team consists in IT professionals who have had experience in the field for more than ten years. For any questions you may have, you can contact them at their 24/7 live chat support and at: +1 (214) 347-4422.

They also tell you how their service works and the seven most important reasons to use VPN services. This information is highly valuable to the user of the services, because by knowing what a VPN service is and how it works can help him understand what his options and advantages are.


To make a VPN tunnel to a location, you need to know the server. Their servers are in the Netherlands, in the UK, in the US and also in Hong Kong, so you can be anyone, anywhere you like and you want to. You can buy a personal VPN, for 4.83 per month.


The pricing section is as attractive as the about section and as the Home section. They accept payment by using MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, BitCoin and many other payment services, making it easy for the user to promptly pay for the VPN services. This is an advantage for both parties, due to the fact that they can easily get through the payment and get to work.

The prices vary between 9.99$ and 58$, being both affordable and on the pricier side for the professionals who are more experienced in the field. So, even if you are looking for something less expensive or you are searching for a VPN service which is on the pricier side, the MyVPN.com site has everything you are looking for.


This MyVPN review conclude that, the site seems to be amazing. From the beautiful and attractive interface which catches your eye the minute you see it to the prices and all the way to the quality of the service, the MyVPN is exactly the VPN you are looking for.

It is very versatile for everyone, being able to adapt its services for the beginners and all the way to the more experienced or professional persons. This VPN deserves more attention that it has received until now. It provides quality services, beautiful interface and versatility in prices.

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