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Stream and Unlock NCAA Basketball outside the USA

College basketball is something that people in the United States really admire. The intensity and pace of the NCAA games are arguably more profound than those of regular NBA games, which is what makes College basketball an exciting prospect to watch. Many even claim that it is better than watching NBA games, for it shows college teams clashing with one another.


Apart from giving the players the perfect platform to showcase their talents for the ever-looking NBA scouts so that they may be drafted for a good team in the future NBA seasons, it also rekindles people’s memories from their college days as they witness their college teams in full flow. Be it a game of your old college or be it the team your kid or friend plays for, everyone takes a keen interest in NCAA basketball.

With the sport attracting such popularity, all the people want in on the action. If you want to stream NCAA games, there are some really good options for you.

Streaming NCAA

Many impressive and affordable streaming services cover NCAA basketball, so people can use any of them to stream the games of their favorite teams. Here are some of them:

  1. WatchESPN

It is the premium service available for streaming college basketball. The streaming service covers all NCAA games. You need to have a cable connection with ESPN to use WatchESPN though.

  1. CBS College Sports Live

This service is similar to the NFL GamePass service that offers users to stream NFL games for the entire duration of the season by paying for a year in advance. The quality of the service, too, is similar to NFL GamePass, with CBS College Sports Live covering all NCAA games and providing good streaming options in high quality as well has providing replays and highlights from previous games.

Although these options are quite viable for anyone wanting to stream NCAA games, they have a catch in that these services are limited for usage in the U.S. If you are traveling outside the country on a work-related or personal business, you won’t be able to access these services despite having a valid subscription. So then, how to unblock NCAA basketball outside the USA? Well, there is a simple fix to this.

Unblock NCAA Basketball outside the USA

Streaming services like WatchESPN and even Netflix and Hulu block people from other countries to access their content by looking at their IP address to find out their location. On finding that the user is located outside the area of availability of their service, they deny access to the user. In order to get around this to unblock NCAA basketball outside the USA, or unblock any website for that matter, you can use something called a VPN.

Virtual Private Network

VPNs are the solution you are looking for when it comes to accessing geo-restricted content and unblocking websites anywhere. They connect you to the internet through an encrypted tunnel which hides your true IP address from any tracker. The IP address visible to the tracker will be that of the VPN server.

So, in order to unblock NCAA basketball outside the USA, you simply need to connect to a server located in the USA in order to trick the streaming service into believing that you are in the U.S. Choosing a good VPN like HideMyAss Pro which offer unlimited bandwidth and have many servers in the U.S will aid you in your task. You can even use FlashRouters that have built-in VPN capability to enhance the connection speed further


NCAA basketball is one of the most popular sports in the U.S and people traveling abroad frequently face the problem of streaming NCAA games. Using a VPN, though, the problem is easily fixed.

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