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HideMyIP is on the rise on the VPN market. It has kept its position on the scale providing various features in their package plans and offerings which are competitive. The HideMyIP platform has also categorized its packages in a smart way, providing two categories: SmartDNS and VPN. This HideMyIP review will tell you everything there is to know about this service.


How HideMyIP Works

While the Internet provider assigns a computer an IP address, this address can be revealed by a geo-location search which can be done by anyone who has any of the basic IT knowledge. Also, any court can order the provider to give them the IP address assigned to a computer, in order to find out its location along with the information of the users.

The HideMyIP platform hides the IP address, and makes it seem like it comes from data stored somewhere else in the world, not even close to the actual address that is used. HideMyIP creates an encrypted tunnel between the computer that is used by the user and the destination website or the destination network and it makes all data flow through the previously created tunnel.

The only time the data is protected and hidden is while in transit, so if the destination website or network does not use HTTPs that data is not encrypted by any of the VPN services out there.

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As this is a HideMyIP review, it will tell you all the servers that can be accessed by using this program. To get to the point, the HideMyIP platform can allow accessing information from 68 main locations. These locations are the UK, US, Canada, Germany and a long list.

At the same time, by using the HideMyIP service, you can have no restrictions whatsoever and no censorship while you are working with this program. Also, with the VPN package you can achieve the same things while experiencing the truth about the online freedom.

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HideMyIP VPN is set a price at $29.95 for the normal package. If you are looking for the premium VPN services then you have to pay an extra $7. Honestly, it has one of the best unclear pricing plan among the numerous VPNs we’ve reviewed up to now.

You might be trapped to consider the Premium VPN charge $7 each month only to later understand that you should first pay for the normal package afore updating to the Premium plan.

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The compatibility is a must have for any VPN service out there, therefore you should check if the VPN service you are looking to use in order to maximize your security and make the service more efficient.

The HideMyIP service has a very wide compatibility, with: Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, MAC OS X, iPhone and iPad touch, iPad, Game consoles, Smart TV, Routers, Android and Other operating systems.

Payment Methods

An aspect that matters for any VPN service is the diversity in payment. The HideMyIP service provides various ways to make payments. Included are: PayPal, Cards or Debit Cards like: VISA, Mastercard and others, Google Wallet, BitCoin and American Express.

How To Get Started

For starters, the HideMyIP service will send a VPN username to the user, and also a password, after you register your email address on their website. The HideMyIP service uses an OpenVPN protocol, it also include PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, SSTP and TLS/SSL.

Bottom Line

This HideMyIP review is meant to help you understand the feature of this product and help you make the decision whether you want to buy it or not. We totally recommend it, as it is a good product, perfect for newbies in the field, but also for the professionals.

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