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Avira Antivirus Review

The Avira Antivirus is one of the best free antiviruses out there. The Avira Company is a German digital security company and their antivirus costs nothing and it is one of the best in the world, although it is not widely known in the United States of America. This Avira Antivirus review will tell you more about this program.


It has an outstanding malware detection scores and a great interface with a fairly good range of various free tools.

It offers a free on access or resident protection, supervising everything in your computer whenever you use it. It can successfully replace any other antivirus on the market, including McAfee and Norton, because it does the same thing as they do, but only better and for free.

The free version of the Avira Free Antivirus can be found on their website, offering free download:, as any Avira Antivirus review will mention this fact. This version is easy to download and install. Once installed, this antivirus it shows a regular interface, actually a mini interface, and it will appear as a pop-up in the gadget menu on the right of the Windows toolbar. Its main interface looks as if it is stripped-down and it is kind of hard to figure out what to click and when to click it.

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  • Pros
    The pros of this product are that it protects the personal computer from numerous types of malware, not only from usual viruses, it contains advanced heuristic tools.
  • Cons
    The cons are that it is allowed to be used only at home and the configuration wizard can be a bit intimidating. At the same time, once it is installed, if you don’t unselect it, the changes in the browser will be made automatically. Also, it will ask you to install a toolbar into your browser during the setup process.Also, when it will ask you to register after the install process is complete, you will have to do it only if you want to, this feature being optional. If you would prefer it not to make any changes into your browser, you can install it in a customized way, just by clicking Custom Installation and unselect those options that you do not to have selected.



As for its features, this Avira Antivirus review can tell you that they come in five categories: PC Protection, Internet Protection, Children Protection, Administration and Mobile Protection. If it finds PUPs or malware on the PC, it will automatically put them into Quarantine. The Quarantine represents a secure place where malware and PUPs cannot do any damage to the computer.


It updates every six hours, while the paid version updates its virus definitions every two hours. The Avira Antivirus can detect 94 percent of malware and 99 percent of widespread malware.

It is a better PC antivirus than most of the other programs, but for the people from the United States of America it will be necessary to telephone all the way to Europe in case of problems which cannot be solved via email and it also covers security issues for one computer per license.

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The Avira Antivirus has a pretty good speed, handling things as fast as any other antivirus. But, the downloading and installing processes take a bit longer to complete in spite of the speed of the other programs.



This antivirus has a free version as well as a paid version. The paid version costs as linked: Antivirus Pro – $42.99 ; and Internet Security Suite – $57.99. All prices are linked as: per device per year.


It works on the Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. It also operates on the MAC OS and it updates its virus definitions automatically, every 6 hours.

Customer Support


If you have any problems or need some customer support, you can contact the Avira team at and you can see all the addresses to get in touch with them at .


All in all, the Avira Antivirus is one of the best ones out there, especially because it does the job of the paid ones while being free and easy to use. Once you have installed it, you are secured and virus and malware free on the computer in your home.

The fact that is upgrades its virus definitions every 6 hours is also a plus, while the fact that it can take longer to download and install it can take a little bit more time. It is widely recommended and every user of this program has been perfectly satisfied with it, giving the antivirus good reviews.

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